Friday, 29 June 2012

Flash Fiction Friday - 29 June: Augusta

It's Friday and time for the flashers to show themselves. A given picture inspiring several ideas for a one hundred word story. No more no less. My version is called Augusta I hope you enjoy it and leave me a comment. Then do the same for my friends, the Awesome writers who've written their versions.

Augusta sat on the damp grass, apart from the others who were huddled together in small groups. She shivered, and drew the woollen shawl closer around her body. Summer Solstice always seemed magical. Augusta watched patiently for Raymond. He had promised to return that night for her.

 The full moon outlined the shapes of Stonehenge in the distance and suddenly a tall figure loomed up behind her. Raymond jerked Augusta’s head back by the hair. He held her chin and they kissed deeply.

Breaking their kiss Raymond said, “I love you. Now and forever.”

Dark blood trickled down her neck.
Hope you enjoyed it. Naomi x


  1. Ohh this is sexy. I loved it..Great FFF

  2. Great flasher! I loved how you described everything in it. Absolutely fantastic!

  3. Magical. I love stonehenge, such a mystical place.

  4. Hmm, Augusta had to wait until nightfall for Raymond's return. Is it love that makes her wait, even though she knows the Raymond who comes back to her will be different? Or perhaps it is the magical allure that Raymond and his kind have over mere humans. What price love to give up her humanity to become one of the undead, in order for them to be together forever.

    Excellent Flasher Naomi. Did I get it?

  5. So beautiful!! Glad I got to read Benjamin's comment :)
    I felt her sadness while she waited and the ending was unexpected and delightful. Cool flash.

  6. Fantastic Flasher! Loved the possibilities this one leaves me to imagine.

  7. Fantastic FFF! Loved the setting and the characters.

  8. Can I trade places with Augusta? Aounds like she's about to have some real fun.


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