Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Tantalizing Tuesday - 25 September: Her Pleasure

It's Tuesday again and time for the teasers to tantalize you. A personal choice of picture to inspire a two hundred word teaser, no more no less. To leave  a comment after reading is much appreciated.  So enjoy mine which this week is called Her Pleasure then journey round the other  Awesome Teasers.

                                                Image: FreeDigitalPhotos.net

“Oh please,” said Maggie. “You know I love it.”

Carl looked down at his girlfriend. “What’s it worth?” he laughed, kissing her on the nose.

She stroked the taut black chest and grinned at him, “Oh, I’ll think of something.” She led him to his chair and handed him a book. She made herself comfortable on the floor between his legs.

Carl’s deep voice sent shivers down her as he read out the erotic words.  Leaning her head back against his inner thigh, she sensed it was affecting him. A hard bulge hidden under his shorts touched, pressing against her neck.

Maggie heard the repressed moans and realized Carl was aroused too. Though he never liked to admit that reading aloud turned him on, his body language gave him away.

She snuggled closer, turned and reached for her pleasure. Taking the piece in both hands, she ran her fingers along the length, sensually touching the familiar hard ridges. Maggie inhaled deeply. The scent drifted up her nostrils, an Aphrodisiac that sparked pheromones. She opened her lips, taking the hardness in her mouth, slowly sucking until the smooth liquid slipped down her throat.

Maggie reached out for another piece of chocolate.


  1. Great bait and switch. You totally had me going. :)

  2. Sounds like the perfect way to read a story. Loved this!

  3. I enjoyed him reading aloud and getting aroused. The final tease was great when she ate a piece of chocolate after indulging in his nectar.

  4. Oh, that Maggie is a tease, but I suspect in the 'end' - she and Carl will both be rewarded. Between her devouring chocolate and him reading from a naughty book, it's going to fire up both of their imaginations.

    I wonder if he was reading ER Pierce's new tasty snack - "Eating Out"? If that's what he's reading, then Ms. Maggie is going to be the one who gets devoured next.

  5. that was great. you had me fooled.

  6. Wow!!! Hot!!! She's sucking on the right thing at the moment though because she hasn't gotten to the good part yet. Besides you can never have too much chocolate.


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