Friday, 14 December 2012

Flash Fiction Friday - 14 December: Out of Sight

Its Friday and time for a flash. A group of awesome writers, a given picture and one hundred words only to come up with a story. I love it. Please show the other flashers some love. Click on the link to read theirs. All comments greatly appreciated. This week mine is called Out of Sight. Enjoy
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 I wish she would hurry up, I am getting tired, thought Dean,  scanning around the cave. She should be here and I want to get my clothes.  He had spent far too long in the sea and he was paying the price for it. His muscles ached and his swimming trunks clung cold and wet to his body.

Dean frowned, shivering and crouched down trying to keep warm. Suddenly he heard Trisha.

“I see you Dean.” She scrabbled over rocks to him. “I win. You have to walk back like that now.”

“In wet pink budgie smugglers? No way!”



  1. Wow, my brain is running around in circles trying to figure out what kind of bet, game, did she win? I mean seriously, it must have been a helluva of a wager, I wonder what she would have had to do if he'd won? Very interesting Ms. Naomi, you have given me something to think about. Well done.

  2. Great flash Naomi Love the humour but I need to know- Did she make him keep his side of the bet ?

  3. A little hide and seek? he won't be hiding much in those trunks! Funny post Naomi!


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