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Guest Interview with Dawne Prochilo

8 April

Today we welcome the highly talented and respected Dawne Prochilo to talk to us

Dawne,come in honey. If you find a seat I'll bring a drink over to you and hand you the microphone. You must be used to these interviews, so I won't fire questions at you, though you know the sort of thing I was wanting to know. So just tell me your preferred drink  and when you need a top up. The stage is yours!

White Zinfandel with a twist of lime... thank you

I'll leave you the bottle and extra lime, just help yourself honey

Here's the microphone, your public awaits

I am a 42 year old mom to three children, soon to be a grandma for the first time in less than two months. I love in rural Michigan, am a published erotic and romance author, web content writer and lover of all things naughty. Oh yes, and am in a relationship with the love of my life.

I knew I always wanted to be a writer but it wasn't until I was a freshman in high school that the dream hit me. My English teacher forced and pushed me to write, even at that time I resented her for it, I can see she had a vision with me. She pushed, I rebelled. Now I am a published author with 12 novels and five more scheduled for release in 2012 with more in the works.

In my younger years of just the dream of being a writer...none. Now, more than you can imagine. The man in my life is VERY supportive and helpful. My children are supportive as much as they can be considering their mom is an erotic romance author, radio show segment host and... oh so much more that would embarrass them.
My romance writing abilities ranges from sweet and sensual all the way to erotic and F/F. I am still searching for my actual “brand” in the genre. I am leaning toward between F/F and sweet.

Ideas come from every day life and events that happen to me or that I have witnessed. There is a story everywhere, you just need to pay attention.

 I am the reviewer, administrator and owner of three review sites so I have my hands on so many good reads. I can't say just one book has totally won me over in my life. But I will read anything by Jodi Olson, Robert B. Parker, Stuart Woods and Maya Banks.

Jodi Olson in the erotic romance genre most definitely. She is not only a good friend and mentor but a fabulous writer and someone I can bounce ideas off of. We have some collaborations in the works right now and we are hoping to have them accepted and published in 2012 and 2013.
 Is there a specific genre you would like to write but not done yet?
Let's see... I have written sweet romance, romantic suspense, erotic, F/F, menage....hmmm, nope I'm good. I even have a non-fiction book on smashwords full of relationship and sex advice- kind of a compilation of all of my online writing articles.

I became a newspaper writer and staff writer in 1999. As a published author, the day I received an acceptance letter in 2009. When that first royalty check came in it was a joyous day, even though it barely filled my gas tank. LOL

My favorite character is Brynn Saunders in When We Meet Again. So much of her is me and I have a close connection and attachment with her personality. Sometimes it was hard to write her scenes when dealing with abuse and neglect.

Callie's Way: The V.W. Club Book 1 is my most recent release in January. Think a little girl on girl action in the voluptuous way.

Even though I had two books out in 2009, I have to say my biggest break was connecting with Secret Cravings Publishing. They are exceptional and a great publisher to work with. I submitted to them in the summer of 2010 and have been with them since.
Most of my writing is done either sitting at my dining room table or in the corner of the living room. I like to be amidst the house activity. Staying focused has to do with white noise. I always have my headphones on and rock music guiding me as I write.

I love developing new marketing ideas and watching authors succeed.

I also love to cook, bake and read. I spend my weekends in the kitchen and love to make my family happy with all my new recipes.

Would love another drink.*licks lips*  I am quite parched here.

Don't wait to ask honey - help yourself

Words to describe me - Sassy, disorganized, determined, devoted and a go-getter.

Wow Dawne,there's no disputing that. I'm impressed! You've done so much with no signs of stopping.

I am currently fulfilling five contracted books for Ravenous Romance, No Boundaries Press and a few more secret WIPs. I have two manuscripts out right now being reviewed after being requested by a very BIG name publisher.

We'd love to see an excerpt

Hmmm, sure. This is from my menage, Weekend Retreat.

“Shit! I gotta go, Vinnie. I'm being pulled over.”
“I'll call you back. I'm being pulled over by a cop.” Rose flung the remote control onto the passenger seat and flipped her phone shut. “Damn it.”
Rose steered her car to the shoulder of road and parked it. She watched the state police officer exit his car behind her and she noticed she had started to perspire. Not profusely, but enough to appear nervous. She was aflutter but not because she had been pulled over. Hell, she'd just experienced two of the best back-to-back orgasms she'd ever had. Who wouldn't be a little spent and sweaty.
Vinnie had, hands off, just made her thong the wettest they had ever been without even touching her. Just his smooth voice, descriptive words and way of turning her on. This little game of his was working wonders for her libido.
Rose glanced to her left and saw the police officer hovering outside her window. She rolled the window down and smiled, trying to cover up her state of oblivion.
“Yes officer?” Her eyelashes fluttered.
“Do you know why I pulled you over?” His pensive personality apparent and his authority obvious with the way his tone mocked her.
“Umm... I wasn't speeding was I?” Unsure of the answer to this, Rose tried to remember how fast she had been traveling down the state road.
“No, Ma'am. You were actually swerving all over your lane.” His mirrored sunglasses hid half of his expression but Rose knew he was a hard-ass and she didn't see any way of getting out of a ticket.
“Oh, I hadn't realized.” Quick on her feet, she tossed out there an excuse. “It is quite sunny out today. Don't you think?”
“License and registration.” He leaned down resting his forearm on the car door and glanced in the vehicle, like he was scanning the contents.
“Oh, yes.” She grinned and started rummaging around on the floorboard for her purse. “Well, it is very bright out today.” She began ransacking items in her over-sized purse searching for her wallet. “And I forgot my sunglasses at home so the sun was shining in and...”
“License and registration.” The man's harsh reminder jolted Rose. His voice even closer than a moment ago. She looked over at him and he was staring past her.
“I'm looking for them.” She returned her attention to the task and her hands muddled through the clutter. Grabbing her wallet, she opened it, set aside her purse and dug out her license. “It's not a very good picture.” She handed to his awaiting hand.
He took it, smiling. “Registration?”
“Oh, yeah. Hang on.” She leaned across the car to reach into the glove box when she eyed the remote control sitting on the seat. Her mouth gaped open when embarrassment flushed her face.
Had he seen it? He had smiled.
“Oh, God.”
“Registration, please.”
“Oh, okay. Give me one minute.” She leaned further over to hide the remote, trying to think of a way to shove it aside and out of sight. Seeing no possible plan, Rose sighed and retrieved her car's registration.
She sat back in her seat and handed the officer the slip of paper. Blowing stray strands of her blonde hair out of her face, Rose avoided eye contact. She couldn't be sure if he had seen the remote control but the humiliation of him even possibly seeing it, and knowing what it was, kept her quiet and distant. No sense in even trying to talk her way out of the ticket. She'd take the penalty for her reckless driving if it meant getting gout of his sight.
“I'll be right back.” He spun on his heels and walked back to his car. As she watched him retreat in her rear view mirror, her cell phone buzzed. She glanced down at the screen to see Vinnie's name flashing.
Glancing in the mirror, she saw the police officer talking on his hand-held radio, probably confirming who she was and that she had no warrants. She grabbed her phone and flipped it open.
“You okay, honey?” Vinnie's voice full of concern. “What happened?”
“Oh man. I got pulled over for swerving. Probably going to get a reckless driving ticket or something.”
“Oh babe.”
“It's okay.” She sighed. “I don't give a crap about the ticket right now.”
“You don't?”
“No.” She looked in the mirror, making sure she had another moment to talk. The police officer nodded his head and continued talking to the person on the other end of the radio. “I think he saw the remote control.”

Future plans and website/blog for us to follow you please.

Well, in 2011, I had 11 books published and I'm hoping to surpass that number this year as well as expand my career more into the behind the scenes of the industry.

Well Dawne, it's been wonderful having you visit. Please drop by any time. 


  1. Thank you for having me today Naomi- it has been great! I look forward to working with you in the future

    1. You got it! Let me know and I'll be ready!

  2. You know I don;t go anywhere without my bestie! Love ya lady!


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