Friday, 14 September 2012

Flash Fiction Friday - 14 September: The Gift

It's Friday again and time for some Awesome Writers to get together and write their version of a hundred word flash fiction inspired by a given picture. Each deserves a read and a comment.


Tom looked in disbelief at the woman on the red satin sheet of his hotel bed. She was dressed in a short black halter neck dress and black fishnets, with a red ribbon on a black garter. Her dark hair was adorned with a red feather. Her delicious ivory curves and the pose that hardly left anything to the imagination, together with her ‘come and get me’ look, sent mixed messages to Tom.

“Hello Boys.”

“Isn’t she gorgeous? She’s your last fling.”

Tom looked at Andy, his best man for tomorrow. “Are you mad? Don’t you know who she is?”


  1. No Fair!!! Who is she?! Great way to leave us hanging.

  2. Oh! Come on. Who is she? :D Oh, man, you got me thinking. Naomi, you've got to add to this.

  3. Very curious. You left me wondering. Loved it! :)

  4. Naomi, you should expand this for TTT. Who is she and why isn't she just for that night? Well written. Glad to see you have your writing muse back.

  5. Who is she??? I agree! No fair to leave us hanging. Come on, you can tell me. Well done!! I do believe this would make a wonderful story. I'd keep her identity to myself for a bit longer to drag out the suspense.

  6. Ok, so I'm also curious as to who she is, but I want to know how the hell did she get into Tom's hotel room on his wedding day. I've got a feeling that ole Andy has been up to no good. If I didn't know better, I'd say Andy was trying to get his friend in trouble.

    Hmm, my bet is she's Tom new Wife's sister. Now poor Tom is really in deep shit.


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