Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Tantalizing Tuesday ~ 23 January 2018: Sorcha's Hideaway

This is a snippet from my WIP The Locket which I've recently picked up on again. 

Unable to sleep, Sorcha, in only her nightdress, exited her room and made her way to the stairs. Quickly, with footsteps that barely made a sound as she made her way down the long staircase and along the great hall, Sorcha made her way to the library. She tried to be quiet, hoping that she would not disturb the sleeping household. The old library was her favourite room in the whole house, and she loved the serenity it exuded. There were wall to wall books, a few paintings and comfortable looking leather seating.

Sorcha walked over to one of the walls and ran her fingertips along the leather bound volumes, then picked out a book, easing it from the shelf with care. She carried it over to a window, where she climbed up onto the padded window seat, behind the long curtain.

Sorcha felt grateful for the full moon,and stars that twinkled like diamonds, giving light enough to aid her reading. Drawing her legs up, she gently turned the pages of the book., hoping fervently that nobody would come in and discover her. Sorcha bacame so engrossed, however, that she never heard the door open and someone enter the library.


  1. Excellently written tease. Would love to know who entered

  2. Oh, oh, who just came in? What a lovely place to read too!

  3. Will the mystery guest please sign in.

    Great piece there, Naomi.


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