Friday, 19 July 2013

Flash Fiction Friday - 19 July: Is That All?

Thank you for visiting. It's Friday again and time to flash. A group of awesome writers, a given picture and one hundred words to get inspired by it. So please show them some love and read the different versions. All comments gratefully received.


Dan was getting tired of waiting so decided to take a walk to find Alan. The evening was beginning to draw in and clouds were gathering. Damp sand scrunched between his toes. He caught up with Alan on the jetty.
“Well, what do you think?” asked Alan.

They looked down at the bucket and Dan snorted. “For the length of time I am disappointed.”

I promise to make it up to you,” Alan replied, winking.

Dan sighed, saying, “Okay, I will do my best with the shells. But you need to make several trips to get water for the moat.” 


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