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Guest Post - 26 June 2014: Liz Adams

Today I am lucky enough to have the highly talented author Liz Adams drop by to talk about her latest work

Ariel’s Dangerous Liaisons: The Erotic Wonders 
of a Super Heroic Woman (A Short Novel) 

•Print Length Equivalent: 140 pages
•Publisher and date published: Barany Publishing, May 9, 2014
•Genre: Romantic Superhero Erotica
•Format: Digital
•Free from June 24 through June 28, 2014

Suggested Title:
Free Ebook Today - An Erotic Wonder Woman Type Story

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Liz Adams has released an erotic ebook with a Wonder Woman type of heroine, so many call Ariel’s Dangerous Liaisonsan erotic version of Wonder Woman. Today, the novella is free! The last day it’s free is June 28, 2104. To get your copy, go to download it from Amazon.

WARNING:In Ariel’s Dangerous Liaisons: The Erotic Wonders of a Super Heroic Woman, Ariel is a vengeful sleuth who pushes her own boundaries redefining what’s right and wrong in every situation, including the bedroom. One reviewer complained that there was too much sex. Ariel’s racy journey of lace and lingerie includes solo F, M/f, F/f, M/f/M/M, and a stage performance that would make Miley Cyrus blush. For 18 years and older.

But first a bit about Liz Adams herself.

About Liz Adams:

Liz Adams, author of the bestselling erotic fairy tale Alice’s Sexual Discovery in a Wonderful Land, lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, CA. Her short story Amy “Red” Riding’s Hood, an erotic version of Red Riding Hood, is a bestseller and winner of Goodreads’ Book of the Month for October 2012. Liz studied music and creative writing in college before making writing her career. In her spare time she cuddles with her lover on the couch to watch her favorite shows and often they work together doing research for her books. 

iz Adams is a huntress. She snares you with words and holds you down, refusing to let you go even after you’ve finished reading. Each sentence reads as if it were meant to be there; each word so precisely delivered that you soon stop reading and start envisioning the story she delectably unfolds before your eyes.

--May McQueen

Tell us Liz
What inspired you to write an erotic version of Wonder Woman?

Actually, I was inspired to write a story about sex with a foreign exchange student. My amazing publisher, Naughty Nights Press, put out a call for submissions to the Campus Sexploits Series. The theme for Book Four of the series was foreign exchange students. My idea for a story set in St. Petersburg got thicker and juicier, way beyond the required word-count. That large story idea had to be put on hold. I submitted a completely different story to the Campus Sexploits Anthology and that short story got accepted. Meanwhile, I kept getting excited whenever I thought of that juicy story of a college girl discovering herself in St. Petersburg, Russia, but something was missing. I asked myself “What if the girl were Wonder Woman’s daughter?” From there, my imagination hopped on the plane and took flight.

About the Book

Everyone wonders what Wonder Woman’s sex life is like or what superhero sex is like. Though NOT the actual sex life of Wonder Woman, Ariel’s Dangerous Liaisons explores the racy romance and vengeful spirit of a super heroic sleuth, a female protagonist everyone can enjoy.

How did you deal with the trademark issues when writing about Wonder Woman?
Excellent question. I didn’t. It’s against the law for me to make one of my characters be Wonder Woman without first getting permission from D.C. Comics. As a result, my protagonist is not Wonder Woman, nor is she Wonder Woman’s daughter. She is likeWonder Woman, though, in that she has super strength. Superpowers, if common enough, are not trademark protected. The idea of someone having super strength is as old as the Bible, when Samson recovered his long hair and tore down the columns he was chained to. In my tale, my protagonist uses her strength and her CIA skill set to fight a criminal.

Will there be a sequel to Ariel’s Dangerous Liaisons?
It’s quite possible. Some of the comments I’ve received from my readers is that there’s more of her story they want to know. She’s got a compelling backstory, as does her mother, so with enough coaxing from fans, I might drip out a series. For now, though, I’m going to focus on my erotic Alice in Wonderland.

What are you working on now?
I’ve just finished a rough draft of my erotic Alice Through the Looking Glass, and I’m starting the rough draft of the third book in the series where Alice experiences The Princess and the Pea. I love the Looking Glass tale because it’s filled with poems and riddles. The Princes and the Pea(whose working title is Alice’s Story of O, An Erotic Princess and the Pea) is a book I’m really excited about because it’s a bit like a choose-your-own-adventure book. The only difference is, all the various storylines lead to the same ending. In other words, her happily ever after is guaranteed, how she gets there is up to you.

Do you have other books planned?
For the Alice in Wonderland series, I’ll be taking Alice on many more adventures. She’ll play roles in erotic retellings of The Princess and the Pea, Hansel and Gretel, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Pinocchio, and a whole bunch of others! The Hansel and Gretel story will be reminiscent of The Prince and the Pauper, discovering what it means to be poor. The Snow White story will be reminiscent of Agatha Christie’s Ten Little Indians where one of the coal miners is actually a werewolf and Alice is an assassin hired to figure out which one. The Pinocchiostory will be, well, let’s just say Good Vibrations could name a toy after the tale, and Alice will fall in love with lies!

Do you have any suggestions to authors on how to improve their craft?
Yes! Write in a different genre. I used to write horror and action stories which required a different set of rules. Once I started writing erotica, my whole understanding of what worked and what didn’t work on the page changed. I’ll be incorporating a steampunk storyline and a western storyline in my choose-your-own-adventure version of The Princess and the Pea. I don’t particularly enjoy reading either of those genres, but I know that writing them will help my craft grow.

Excerpt of Ariel’s Dangerous Liaisons:

I turned to Danny and Sergei expecting their full attention on me, the pretty foreigner. Instead, they spoke to each other in Russian. I eavesdropped.
Sergei blew out a puff of smoke and spoke softly to Danny who was nursing both a beer and a cigarette. “When we first enter the store, you’ve got to be confident. Always point your gun at the cashier’s face. Scare him. Otherwise, he’ll never hand over the cash.”
Danny motioned with subtle jerks of his head at me.
Don’t worry.” Sergei leaned back in his chair and peered at me. “The American idiot doesn’t understand a word we’re saying.”
I pasted on a goofy grin and spoke in English doing what I could to sound like an airhead. “What are you guys talking about?”
Sergei dismissed any worry with a wave of his hand. “Is nothing. Just business. Is boring.”
Danny finished his cigarette and peeled the label off his beer bottle. In Russian, he continued his conversation with Sergei. “How much time will we have to escape?”
From the time we leave the store, the cashier will probably call the police. That will give us at least seven minutes to get to Pasha’s truck and escape. Plenty of time.”
I’d still feel better if Pasha knew what we were really doing.”
Trust me. The less he knows, the better.” Sergei rolled up his sleeves. I sucked in a breath. A tattoo of a sickle cutting two arrows, the same symbol that had been branded on my father’s forehead, peeked out. “Pasha’s the kind of guy who won’t do anything against the law. Even if it’s in his best interest.”
Danny nodded. I examined Danny’s skin, and there it was, just above his wrist, the same tattoo. A shard of ice sliced down my spine. I shivered.
A voice said, “What is it I miss?”
Shit. It was Pasha holding a large bottle of vodka. If he gave away that I spoke and understood Russian, his “friends” might be compelled to silence us.
I grabbed Danny’s hand and placed my other hand on his wrist. “So Danny, you said you met Pasha at a restaurant?”
Yes.” Since he wasn’t exactly the alpha male of this crew, I knew he was the easiest guy to innocently interrogate.
Which restaurant is it?” I flashed a flirtatious smile at him.
Tkemali at Vladimirskaya.”
Hey, Danny!” Sergei nudged his friend’s shoulder and spoke in English. “I think she like you.”
I ignored him and batted my eyelashes at Danny. “If you go to the restaurant so often, you must work there. Are you a waiter or a chef?”
There it was. The change in pulse, the eyes shifting away, but most important was the slight biting of his lip. I knew he was lying. His lip bite was the tell. I had successfully set the baseline for determining when he was lying and when he was telling the truth.
Did you also meet Sergei at the restaurant?” I asked.
Yes.” No shifting of the eyes or biting of the lip.
The truth.
Do you like Sergei?”
Of course. He is my friend.” His eyes shifted right, then left, the lip bite.
A lie.
I had to stay in character. “Do you like me?”
He blushed. Pasha and Sergei laughed.
I squeezed Danny’s hand. “You like me, don’t you, Danny?”
Yes.” His pulse quickened, his eyes shifted away, but he didn’t bite his lip.
The truth.
I like you, too. I think you’re sexy.”
The other guys whooped and howled.
Does your boss pay you well?”
The truth.
Pasha said in Russian to Sergei, “Women. They always want rich men.”
Danny laughed.
I squeezed Danny’s hand again to keep his focus on me. “Is your boss a nice man?”
A lie.
Is he a powerful man?”
Very powerful.”
The truth. I may have figured out where the man who had my father tortured could be found.
Does your boss run a lot of dangerous operations?”
What?” Danny scowled.
Sergei scrutinized me. Shit.
I smiled. “If you’re the kind of guy who does some dangerous things, I have this weakness. I always want to have sex with brave guys who do dangerous things.”
I do a lot of dangerous things.” Danny told the truth.
So do I,” Sergei chimed in and smirked.
Okay, okay.” Pasha separated my hands from Danny’s “Is enough.”
I overdramatized a pout, then winked at Danny. He smiled.

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