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Guest Post ~ 15 September 2014: Elaine Raco Chase

I am lucky enough today to have a talented author drop by.

Welcome, Elaine Raco Chase. Tell us a bit about yourself and let us know about your new release. I'm sure many will be interested.

Thank you Naomi for this opportunity to talk about myself and my work.

f you like sassy, laugh out loud, contemporary romances - some more explicit than others - you have found the right author!

Reviewers have called them: "cat & mouse" - "slow burn" - "hot and steamy" - "highly addicting" - "solid characters & lots of humor" - "amazing reads!"

I call them fun! My heroines are NOT: thin, petite, clueless or submissive. They are strong women who aren't looking for a man - until the right one comes along!

And those men! Tough-guy, alpha males who don't know what hit them! But do know they want MORE!

I also write erotic mystery/thriller's and the Agatha Christie nominated non-fiction "How to write the Amateur Detective Novel" which is in the FBI Forensic Library at Quantico.
You can find me:

 twitter @ElaineRaelaineraco
and on and iTunes!


She invented him!
       At least she thought she had!    

Kit Forrester lived a life of lies – so what was one more? When her first vacation ever sank like the Titanic – she couldn't tell her friends THAT! So she did what she always did – she lied. 
And told everyone about her fabulous five day cruise.  Her days of fun in the sun and moonlit nights with the man of her dreams – Rafe Morgan - tall, handsome, incredibly sexy and successful. 
And well – now they were engaged!
There was just one 6'2", 230 lb. problem –

Rafe Morgan did exist and he wanted answers.

Retired Navy SEAL and Texas business tycoon, Rafe Morgan was sure he was being set up by his suddenly acquired fiancĂ©e. He had spent 20 years in the Navy and was trained to handle anything – until he came up against one volatile New York redhead with wicked curves and the world's hardest ass!

And then he saw her sex lair and was more than willing to be Caught in a Trap.  And to set one of his own!

Content Warning: this book is intended for mature adult readers (18+) who are not offended by profanity and explicit sex scenes. While this is a romantic comedy, some readers may find some subject matter difficult to read – unfortunately such events are true. 

Spoiler alert: please be advised that no comic books, superheroes, duct tape, handcuffs, ropes or chocolate milk were harmed during the writing of this novel. 

 From Caught in a Trap – explicit romantic comedy:

Her pulse was pounding but not from fear. She wasn't afraid of him – just herself. That slow heat had ignited. She wanted to touch his face. Her fingertips burned to caress the network of fine scars that disappeared under his short sideburns. There was a tiny crescent welt nearly hidden by his thick mustache that begged to be kissed. And a thin, jagged abrasion that almost disappeared in the lines of his forehead that needed gentle stroking.
Then, she stopped breathing altogether when Rafe's left hand flowed from her waist, to sculpt the curve of her ass before settling underneath her thigh. Strong, warm fingers lifted her leg and positioned it to wrap around his hip. His wide metal belt buckle pinched her navel through the thin cotton of her shirt.
Did he moan?
Or was it her?
She didn't care.
Kit delighted in the contrast of the powerful body that surrounded her and the tender lips that consumed her whimper. Instead of pushing him away, Kit needed him closer. Pulling the back of his shirt free, her greedy hands flowed along the sinewy muscles of his back. He was dangerous. Intoxicating. And she wanted more.
His teeth nibbled apart her bottom lip. He tried to go slow but failed. Rafe crushed his mouth against hers. His probing tongue quickly found a willing mate for an intimate duel. His free hand slid under her shirt. And he knew instant satisfaction when her soft, velvety skin soothed his calloused fingers. He needed to feel even more of her.
Her skin vibrated under his continued caresses. How could he know that touching her like that…just rubbing a gentle thumb over her nipple…would make her clench with need. Her breathing was little more than hesitant sighs when his mouth finally released hers. She tilted her head, rubbing her cheek against his, anxious to feel the teasing pleasure of his mustache against her neck.
A burning need flooded every pore. She turned off logic and lived in the moment. With her leg around his hip, Kit felt the hardness of his erection surge between her thighs. The heavy friction of his jeans provided instant stimulation. When his fingers teased a zigzag course up her inner thigh and under the frayed hem of her shorts, she felt her entire body clench and throb.
Clothes or not, he had to have her. His crotch ground against her mound, letting her ride his erection. Interlocked, their hips moved in sync with silent music that they both shared.
Her shaky fingers found their way back to his belt. Holding on tighter than before. Holding him even closer. Her mouth sought and found his.
She was one hot, horny mess.
If she could have moved her hands, she would have yanked down his zipper and hers. 

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I wish you all the best for your new release Elaine. It sounds wonderful


  1. Hi Elaine. That was a very enticing excerpt. All the best with you book. Xx

  2. Hello Elaine, That was a very interesting introduction to your book and the excerpt in particular was quite enticing. Best of luck with the book :)

  3. thank you so much J.P. & Don...and Naomi for the interview!

  4. Al the best with your book Elaine. Personally I'm interested in the "How to write the Amateur Detective Novel" book.

  5. Great excerpt, Elaine. I can't wait to read this one since I'm a fan of all your others. I love humorous romances with strong female characters and you are the queen of that genre!

  6. If you haven't read Elaine you are missing some great books!!!!! She is a great lady, writer and friend. A great interview. She worth you time.

  7. I've read this book and it's wonderful. It's quirky, funny, and full of romance. Great work, Elaine, and good luck!

  8. Penny - that's an old one and out of can probably find it 'used' on Amazon....but when it first came out it was used as part of the 'books to read' portion of NOVA Community college private investigation course .... my son was in that course, nearly fainted when the Professor aka a PI held up my book...told him I was his mom...and the PI didn't believe him! LOL And thanks everyone for the fab comments!


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