Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Tantalizing Tuesday ~ 16 January 2018: Sonia's Visit

This is a teaser that may well find it's way into a WIP of mine. Enjoy.

Jake watched, as Sonia kicked off her stilettos and slowly peeled off her coat. Watching, as it swished down, landing in a heap around her slender ankles, Jake sensed a stirring in his groin. He gazed gazing at Sonia, in only a lacy black basque, and stockings.

Jake rooted her to the spot. His roving eyes moved slowly, drinking in her entire body, journeying slowly from her toes,upward along her stocking adorned legs, up to where he paused momentarily at her hips, murmuring his intense approval as searching for panties, he spied a thong. He heard a slight gasp as she bit her lip and grasped at the wall behind her, but his steadfast gaze still refused her any movement.
 Jake stepped forward slightly, to check out her heavy, heaving breasts that strained against the constraints of her basque. Jake's yearning eyes held hers, and he noticed beads of perspiration on her forehead that mirrored his own. He brought tentative fingertips up to her bosom and gently stroked the soft, pale flesh, making her tremble. Then Jake suddenly became blatantly aware of his hard lump straining beneath his trousers.

Sonia gave a wicked grin. “You seem pleased to see me.”


  1. Ooh, this was hot. I can't wait to see where this goes. Nice work.

  2. He wouldn't be a red blooded male if he didn't like that outfit ;-) Great tease.


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