Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Tantalizing Tuesday ~ 9 January 2018: Action

Come on you two, make more of an effort, you’re driving me crazy.”

Lois looked up at the cameraman. “I’m sorry Pete; I’m just not comfortable with this.”

“It’s in your contract love; didn’t you read the small print?

Lois vaguely remembered receiving and looking in horror at her contract. Quickly scanning the details she’d signed the dotted line. She vowed in future to be more careful about her scenes. Six months ago, everything was different. Lois would have enjoyed being in front of a camera with this hunk of a man on top of her in a steamy love scene. Now, everything had changed.


Craig swallowed hard and ran his fingers through Lois’ blonde hair.  Nibbling her ear, he whispered, “Let’s make it look good so we can finish quickly. I know you’re not happy.”
Her body shifted under him and she wrapped a leg around his. Lois turned away from the camera and concentrated attentions on Craig for the remainder of the scene. 

Afterwards, Pete helped Craig up.

“Take him,” said Lois. “Just one thing Craig, I take it you signed the divorce papers.”
“Don’t worry. All signed.”

“He’ll get action with me now,” Pete chipped in.  



  1. Wow, Naomi. I loved where this started and was pleasantly surprised at the end. Great tease.

  2. Oh, I wasn't expecting that twist. Great tease :-)

    1. Oh, you know my mind Doris! Thanks for your comment


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