Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Tantalizing Tuesday ~ 31 October 2017:Waiting

I apologize for my long absence, but am now returning to join the Teasers. So  I'll say welcome to Tuesday,our time to tantalize and  tease. Awesome writers, bring you 200 word teasers inspired by a self chosen picture. Please follow the Tantalizing Tuesday link to encourage each teaser by reading and leaving a comment. It means so much.

Halloween had been a long time coming, and the night had a frosty chill in the air. She waited for his arrival. Eliza had dressed in her best gown, a red, crushed velvet with flouncy skirts that accentuated her slight figure. A black lace choker graced her long alabaster neck.

Eliza's long dark tresses framed a pale face, yet by contrast her lips were painted a deep red. She wanted to look her best.

She hardly heard the tall, good dark haired man move up behind her. Frost still remained on his hair, and fell on Eliza's as he nuzzled up against her.

I so hoped that you would come.” she purred, and shivered as the touch of Raymond's hand on her shoulder sent an icy chill coursing down her spine. Yet despite this, she moved in closer; the flames of passion and desire within her burned bright, and she wanted to be his forever.

As though he could read her mind, Raymond said, “ Tonight you are mine. It was meant to be.”

He kissed her neck so deeply that it made her gasp. Blood ran down her back, and, glancing in the mirror she saw only her reflection.


  1. Wow, what a chilling, yet romantic piece. I was feeling it very much, and it had me wanting to read more.

  2. Wonderfully eerie alongside the passionate. Great tease.

  3. Fantastic tease, Naomi :-)


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