Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Tantalizing Tuesday - 18 September

It's Tuesday and time for a group of Awesome Writers to tantalize with their two word teasers  inspired from a personal choice of picture. So pull up a chair and enjoy the stories. A comment is greatly appreciated too.

                                        Image: FreeDigitalPhotos.net

I’m glad we managed to get away this year, even if it is for a just a few days,” said Ken, passing a towel Brian. “The past year has been tough financially.”

Brian nodded and mopped the trickling seawater from his tanned body.“You should have come for a swim, lazy bones. The sea is lovely and warm.” He flicked the damp towel against Ken’s leg, making him flinch from his sitting position.

“Hey, you wait, I’ll get you back for that,” Ken laughed. “Anyway, I was perfecting my tan. You know, to impress the women.”

Ken and Brian were old college friends. Together they had managed to save for a short break away.

“Hey, let’s go for a walk,” said Brian, hauling him up. “You can show off that tan.”

 Walking to a nearby bar, Ken nodded toward a slender blonde woman, in bikini and sunglasses. “What colour eyes, for a pint?”

“Blonde hair, they must be blue,” said Brian confidently.

“Nah, brown,” he replied.

She smiled and removed her sunglasses. “Hi Ken, fancy seeing you.”  Stroking her hair she said, “I’m thinking of going red next time.”

“Nice idea.”

“Damn,” said Brian. “I forgot you’d become a hairdresser.”


  1. Love it Naomi. Love the previous relationship, the hint of playfulness. Great tease, Love.

  2. Love this tease...and it could go in so many directions...so much potential! :)

  3. IS this from a story you're writing now? Seems familiar. Anyhoo, I loved it. Havan is right there are soooo many directions this could go. Great TTT.

  4. Definitely a teaser. Definitely interested in reading more. Very well written too.

  5. Hey, Ken cheated! Great tease. Sounds like these two are in for a great weekend. Would love to read about it. ;)

  6. Cute twist at the end. Fun tease.

  7. Nice twist at the end, and I've got to agree that the story has so much potential. It could go in any direction although it's more than likely those two guys are in for a wonderful fun weekend.
    Way to go Naomi.

  8. You do the twists-in-the-tail supremely well, Naomi. So much potential in this situation - you leave it at a perfect point. Loving your work!


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