Thursday, 16 January 2014

Thursday Tasters - 16 January: The Grave

Welcome to the Thursday Tasters. Every Thursday a group of highly talented authors allow you to see a short excerpt of  one of their Works in Progress. So please show some love by following the link, reading and leaving a comment. This week my excerpt is taken from a new WIP. A Romantic/Mystery called The Grave. Enjoy
Thursday Tasters

George is an old man who tends graves at the local church. Little does he know that today will be unlike any other.

Early morning brought with it a brisk breeze and the sun seemed to be hiding behind the clouds. George heaved a huge sigh as he awoke from a restless night’s sleep. He blinked twice; screwed up his eyes on opening them and yawned noisily  The bedsprings groaned as the old man rolled over onto his back and reached out to touch his wife. 

When his hand touched the cold unrumpled sheet however, an unhappy tidal wave of realization washed through him, just like it had done so many times before. His wife was gone, having died two years ago, though he still found himself not quite believing that he would never be able to talk to her again. Elizabeth had been the love of his life; his soul mate, and he missed her so much it hurt.

Easing himself carefully up and out of bed, at the only speed his aching joints would allow, George headed off to the bathroom and followed through his ablutions regime with monotonic repetition before dressing amid sighs and groans in age old yet still comfortable clothes.


  1. I visualized his waking hours and how he woke perfectly with the feeling of how he felt. Your descriptions were adeptly drawn to an older man without his spouse. I felt just like him. Very well done.

  2. How terribly sad! You describe this well and when he reaches over I feel so much pain for him. great job!

  3. Poor lonely man. You did a wonderful job pulling his emotions out for us to share. Now I'm cheering for this day to be extra-special for him. :)

  4. You know I love this story. Your descriptions have been honed and are more feelingly keener. Heart-wrenching. Yes, our well-worn cloths are not what betrays our bodies. Fabulous taster. You need to finish this book........ :) xo

  5. Awesome, it's so sad but I know things are going to change for George.

  6. I would luv to read this story. I felt the sadness slowly seep into his heart as he felt the cold sheets next to him... :-)

  7. Ouch. It's hauntingly beautiful and I hurt for him. Excellence.

  8. Poor George :( Beautiful, sad piece.


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