Friday, 17 January 2014

Flash Fiction Friday - 17 January:The Find

It's Friday again and time for another flasher. An awesome group of writers are inspired having a given picture and one hundred words only. Please support all by reading and leaving a comment. It encourages the writers so much.

This week mine is called The Find Enjoy

Upset about earlier findings Reginald walked into the night ending up at Athanea forest. His attention was drawn to something glimmering amongst the leaves and dead twigs on the ground. At first he thought it was some kind of bauble or jewellery dropped. On closer inspection though it seemed too big.

Reginald picked the bright shining disc up, having difficulty in holding it, especially as it increased in warmth and started spinning round emitting a strange futuristic glow. He couldn’t help but look into it however, and there, within a misty spectrum Reginald realized what his future would be.


  1. I love the mystery you wrote to match the picture this week. It had a beautiful semblance of romance and intrigue, leaving me wanting to find out what his future held. Please don't leave me hanging there.

  2. Oooh, I hope it's a happy future he saw. Great flash :-)

  3. This is wonderful. Similar to finding a genie in a bottle, who wouldn't love to know their future? Such a very clever take on this photo, the tense mystery build up in the accidental discovery. I loved this flash :) xo

  4. Nice! I love how I had no idea where it was going and then with that final sentence it came together. well written.

  5. Mysterious and wonderful! Great Flash!

  6. Oh perfection! My curiosity is in overdrive! I have to know what he sees! Please say you will continue this!

  7. So cool! What a find. Well, I don't know what he saw. So, maybe not so much. I'm so curious. Naomi! Very well done. :)

  8. Awesome flash. I am curious as to what he sees of his future. What does he do, will he follow what he sees? I must know more. :) Great flash!


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