Friday, 9 March 2012

Flash Fiction Friday - 9 March

Ah, Its Friday again! Flasher time so lets have some fun. Although a picture is worth a thousand words on Friday you're allowed a hundred. No more, no less.
Here is my contributory story about the given picture. Thank you for reading. Please comment, then journey along to read the other wonderful flashers via the link.

The Big Day

The big day had arrived and Rob was missing the Parade. He leaned out of the window of his third floor bedsit as far as he could. He was determined to watch anyhow. His brother had been round earlier and shifted his bed. Now he was able to look out of the window with ease.

A tinge of sadness swept through him as he watched. I should be down there leading them he thought. I’m the one who has been practising for months, twirling and tossing the mace to perfection. Now a stand-in is doing it. Damn this Muscular Sclerosis!


  1. Oh, that was a twist I didn't see coming. Very nice, really touching:) xo

  2. I told you it was fine. As a matter of fact it's fabulous. You could feel his pain and disappointment. Great poat.

  3. Having dealt with several patients with M.S. I have witnessed this heartbreak first hand. Great portrayal, and very original! Loved it!

  4. Touching, love the twist. Lots of emotion in a few short lines. Great!!

  5. Awwwww I feel so sorry for him. I just want to cry now. Well done! I loved it! So sweet.

  6. very heart wrenching post Naomi. You could feel his disappointment. But Kudos to him for watching anyways


  7. aw that is bittersweet. Nice post!

  8. Aw man, poor Rob. All that practicing and he’s stuck in bed nursing an injury. Great post.

  9. Ah Gods, I could feel his pain and sadness. Being sick an unable to do the things you want, just sucks. (hug)

    Awesome FFF.


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