Friday, 1 June 2012

Flash Fiction Friday - 1 June: The Headache

Its Friday again, time for a group of talented writers to get together and write a one hundred word story, no more no less. There is a given picture to inspire us and many versions to read. Just click the link to read the other wonderful Flashers Each deserves a read and a comment. I hope you enjoy mine.

Mark smiled. He watched Dean swimming, naked in their new pool. He admired his lithe body, with rippling muscles. Strong arms and legs pounded. Dean seemed at one with the water.  

Finally he stopped.  Looking up Dean said, before setting off again. "I woke with a headache and thought the swim might help."

However suddenly, the splashing stopped. Dean began to sink. Mark dove in, terrified. He dragged Dean out, kissing him.

Suddenly, Dean spluttered and grabbed hold of Mark. Relief washed over Mark, like the water that tried to claim his love.

“Thank God. I thought you were dead.”


  1. The passion of panic. It can be paralyzing or infuse us into action. This was wonderfully crafted and beautifully written. Loved it:) xo

  2. Lovely and passionate, Naomi!

  3. Loved it, Naomi! I'm glad he didn't drown too.

  4. Loved the 100...Passion and feeling of panic and being scared...

  5. Well done Naomi, l know you struggled the same as me! But that post fitted the picture really well!

  6. Interesting. Was the drowning faked? I wasn't sure.


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