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Guest Interview - 23 August: Sherry Tooker

Today I welcome my friend Sherry Tooker to come and talk to us. Come in honey, sit down and make yourself comfortable. We're all ears.

Sherry Tooker, Who is she...Who am I?
Well guest blog time and I’m kind of wondering what people would like to know about me. I’m a 25 year old woman who comes from a little place called Brisbane, Queensland. (Ok so maybe not so little). By day I’m a full time carer, by night I’m an Author. I also have my own business knitting toys for kids. Yes I’m a busy little bee.
From a young age, I was always creative and won my first writing competition at the tender age of 5 but my first major comp I won when I was 10. (I got my name in the paper and everything). My mother was so proud.
I like to write paranormal/ erotica/ well anything that comes to mind really. I’m not one to stick to one genre, I get bored waaay too easily and they do say a change is as good as a new pair of knickers...or something like that. I must admit though, if my writing doesn’t pass my best friend’s eyes it won’t see the light of day. She’s a literary snob, well not so much as a snob just very in tune with the good, bad and ugly of books. Only then will my story be seen, Like Mister Darcy and Cassidy Cade.
I don’t know if I’ve ever really considered myself a writer to be honest. I mean I’ve always written things, (I started with fan fiction...I know..Gasp!) However, I don’t think i’d be able to call myself a writer until I write a massive novel and sell a million books. Here’s hoping anyway *winks*. It’s kind of like how you know you are but you’re in denial because you don’t want it to fall flat and kill you inside. Anyways moving on from that...

Personally I like to read anything that isn’t reality. Harry Potter, Lord of the rings, vampires, Ware wolves (Minus twilight, I really can’t stand that story).  It’s the creativity to spin a story from things that people know aren’t real or are based on myths that capture me. I like to think outside the norm.  If you’d like to read anything i’ve written I have a few free books to download from Smashwords.

                          The Photoshoot

Not to mention my latest release Mister Darcy and Cassidy Cade.

I do have a couple of favourite characters in my writings. Some are from my Blood Lust book that is to be released January 2013 (Date pending).  Sir Caladen, Lady Emelia, Elizabeth. Oh yeah, now you’re intrigued.  I also love Cassidy Cade from my latest release. She’s just so sassy and cheeky, you can’t help but giggle when she’s around. She really likes to push the boundaries.
I have to say if I wasn’t a writer and have the opportunity to create and get to know these characters my life would be very boring. I’d probably just be looking after some old bloke making sure he has his meds and get’s into bed properly without falling out. Writing gives me an escape from reality, if I didn’t have that, I wouldn’t be the person I am today.
Hmm what else would people like to know? How about ask me questions? I’ll answer if you ask me. Now onto my latest release...

Mister Darcy, a not so innocent man see’s the woman of his dreams. Cassidy a young woman with a cheeky streak see’s a man she just can’t deny. The music pumps, and so does the blood in their veins at the sight of each other, the start of a love affair that rivals most.
Mister Darcy and Cassidy Cade is a story told completely in Rhyme, over 50 pages of love, giggles and kink. 7 poems follow them through their playful boyfriend/girlfriend stage, phone sex and wilds nights including their first fight. The love they share for one another comes through in their wedding night where playing with each other in all the right ways sets the mood.

Their Kinky side comes out for Christmas as they enjoy their precious time together with toys and teasing. Then seven year itch see’s the couple stray and find prey elsewhere. The only problem they find it in the same place which reunites them and reminds them that they do love each other.
You won’t be able to put it down once you start. Great if you’re feeling down and need a good laugh or a little randy and want something to take the edge off. *winks*

Review by: Raymond Frazee 
I didn't know I was getting erotic verse--but, oh, was it so good. That Cassidy is a great women, let me tell you. Buy, enjoy, see into the hidden lives of these characters. You won't be disappointed.

Review by: Kim Faulks 
Wow, that was an amazing read. It was not what I expected at all, but once I started reading it, I was hooked. So captured in this story that I forgot everything else around me. Sherry, you have some amazing talent and I for one will be watching for more of your brilliant poetry.

Missing Him

The night had begun,
And Mister Darcy was away.
She could feel burning desire,
 Cassidy wanted to play.

She hated his work,
It took him for far too long.
The lonely nights got to her,
And she wasn’t that strong.

She wanted his touch,
His fingers and tongue.
To feel his manhood,
So well hung.

As the thoughts ran through her,
Her juices started to flow.
Smiling to herself,
She wanted to put on a show.

Dialling his number,
She waited for him to answer,
As she slipped her fingers in her panties,
And became a sexy dancer.

Cassidy swayed,
And danced to her own beat,
As her boyfriend picked up,
For his unexpected treat.

“Oh Mister Darcy,
I have something for you,
I was missing you terribly,
So here’s something new.”

Cassidy moaned,
As her fingers started to sin,
Explaining to him,
The things that she did.

You can usually find me on my blog Erotic Diaries

Thanks Sherry, it's a pleasure having you here. Thanks for letting us into your life. Now, what can I get you ...?

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