Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Tantalizing Tuesday - 14 August: Legs

Well it's Tantalizing Tuesday again and time to tease. A picture and an allowance of 200 words(no more no less) creating a story for your pleasure.  After reading mine, please click to read the other Awesome Teasers. Each one deserves a comment. This Week my teaser is called Legs 
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Every morning, early, while he lay in bed listening to music she would walk by. He would turn on his side propping himself awkwardly on an elbow to see her through his window. He had fallen in love with her legs because he could not see anything higher from his basement. She had to be gorgeous though as her legs were smooth as silk and perfectly formed.

Today she was late and Connor was up. He sat by the window, hoping she would still pass by. Being aware of having to get on he took one final look. His heart skipped a beat seeing her there. He reached out, imagining he could touch her leg and the hem of her red mini skirt. He cursed the glass that separated them. After a minute or two, she moved on, leaving Connor longing for the next morning.
Suddenly, she came into the room. “Sorry I’m late”

Connor propelled his chair around to her, but then suddenly felt his dream shatter. She had the same legs and shoes. He had never noticed before. Was it breaking the rules falling for your nurse? Yes, she was gorgeous. Connor reached out, ‘accidentally’ touching her legs.


  1. Ok lets see if I get this to work now. I loved this and it was perfectly written. Beautiful. :)

  2. The picture and the teaser are wonderful.

  3. Wow! What a tantalizing teaser you've whipped up Naomi... If this was one of mine you know there'll be a follow up. LOL
    Very well crafted too, bravo!

  4. Naomi, homegirl, you are the bomb! What an awesome teaser.

  5. You have me so curious about him! Why does he have a nurse? And how wonderful his fantasy is a woman he can actually talk to. You have to write more of this story! :)

  6. Awesomely done! I hope he does decide that there's nothing wrong with falling for your nurse!

  7. Oh the mystery, will they are wont they and why does he need a nurse. So many questions. Tease! More please.

  8. Wonderful tease...I wonder what happen to him that he has to have a nurse around him. Loved the post.

  9. Damn! I hope he didn't reach out with his hand to touch and break the window separating them. You weave a yarn of desire with this man's infatuation of the woman. If only he could touch her in his real world.

  10. Nice! Such a tease...


  11. I love where you take the image, Naomi. A beautifully-formed story once again, with all your trademark imagination and eroticism.

  12. Beautifully written with a hint of an underlying romance to blossom

  13. That was perfectly set up...I loved it! So sweet and gentle feeling...and yes - yes it is okay :)


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