Friday, 5 October 2012

Flash Fiction Friday - 5 October: Wedding Day Blues

Its Friday, so you know what that means. Time to flash! A picture may be worth a thousand words, but on Friday we're only allowed one hundred. No more, no less. A group of awesome writers gather to give their version of the picture. This week mine is called Wedding Day Blues
So show some love by reading and commenting on them. You won't be disappointed!


Clarissa had donned the satin wedding dress and veil with some trepidation. She knew it would be a perfect fit, hugging her slender figure in all the right places. Sitting on the window seat of her room, clutching the bouquet of roses, she watched the guests beginning to arrive, imagining Gregory dressed smartly in his morning suit. 

Suddenly realizing the time, she hurriedly replaced the outfit. Her twin sister walked in.

“Would you like a hand with your dress Phoebe?” Clarissa asked. She tried hard to focus on being the bridesmaid, even though she was still in love with Gregory.


  1. oh no. :( That would be so hard. Great tease

  2. Lovely teasing flash Naomi! You could just imagine that happening! I wonder if the poor bloke knows which twin he's marrying, he might be in love with Clarissa too!

  3. And it's a twin on top of it all, does she know? Oh, the twisted tale you weave. From the start the flash was all languid and easy and then pow you knock it out with a punch, ouch. Fab flash, Naomi.

  4. I'm with them. Does she know her twin loves her man? Such a great flash. I didn't see that coming.

  5. Twins?! Nice twist! Poor Clarissa to see her true love being married with her twin. I also wonder does Phoebe know of her sisters love for her soon to be husband? Is there more behind these three that would be a lover's triangle? Very interesting indeed. Got me hooked. ;-)

  6. Oh, that's hard! Wonder if the three of them couldn't work something out... Great flash!


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