Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Tantalizing Tuesday - 16 October: Magic Words

Tantalizing Tuesday is a time when a group of awesome writers get together and write a 200 word teaser, no more, no less, inspired by a personal picture prompt. The teasers are excellent, so show some love and click the link to read and give a comment on them. This week I have called my teaser Magic Words Enjoy.


The last of their guests wandered down the path. Darren and Christy returned a wave goodbye and closed the front door.

“Alone at last,” Darren said. He breathed a sigh of relief and turned slightly, giving his wife a kiss. He slowly ran his hand down the small of her back and grasped her shapely ass. “Not that I mind an impromptu party, but it is your birthday after all and I’d kept my work schedule clear for your benefit.”

“Mmm, I know and I really appreciate it.” Christy grinned, looking up at him and running her fingers through his dark hair. She tickled the back of his neck, giving him goose pimples. Then slipped her other arm around him and standing on tiptoe traced his lips with her tongue.

Darren reciprocated. He took her in his arms and kissed her lips passionately. Following through he kissed her chin and throat. Then tipped her back slightly and lifted one of her legs, rubbing it against his thigh.

“Time for bed I think,” laughed Christy.

Darren whispered the magic words to her. “I’ll do the washing up tomorrow. Then I’m taking you into town to buy a dishwasher for your birthday.”


  1. Oh, Naomi! "Tracing his lips with her tongue" to dishwashers?!? Only you could make both so sexy! You steam us up, eager for their delayed encounter and top it off with a dishwasher, a birthday icon in married sex! I loved this. Such a blend of sexy initiatives and points of reference. Bravo! Even married, anything can bring spirited sex!!!:) xo

  2. Your 200 words was romantic and sexually inviting. The goosebumps on the back of his neck brought the sexually to it's best. Love the final twist about the dishwasher. Great job and well done.

  3. Those are magic words all right. :) Lovely tease.

  4. That's a birthday present I'd like to get! ;)

  5. Great use of description, great tease Naomi I loved it

  6. Yay a dishwasher! I love him! Hot post with a funny twist!


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