Friday, 26 October 2012

Flash Fiction Friday - 26 October: Magic Boots

Its Friday again and time for the flashers to show what awesome writing they are capable of. On Friday there are rules. A given picture and a hundred words, no more, no less to produce a piece of flash fiction. Please show the flashers some love by clicking the link to read their versions.
Other awesome Flashers

This week mine is called Magic Boots Enjoy

Veronica wrestled her way through sale crowds, toward the red fuck me boots she had wanted for ages. There was just one pair left.

Veronica was looking forward to going out at the weekend wearing them. Veronica had a penchant for eyeing up male talent and grabbing her man.  

She looked over to the stand with the boots; squeezing her way through. Missing her footing though, Veronica almost fell. Quickly grabbing hold of something as horrified, she noticed someone taking the boots away.

“That’s one hell of a way to get to know a man,” a voice said.

Magic boots.


  1. Aw, it certainly is! but where are the boots? Is he holding them? I hope so! Great flash.

  2. Great flash Naomi. Maybe she didn't need the boots after all ;)

  3. Had my heart in my throat. I was hoping she'd be able to get those boots. I wonder who got a hold of them and better yet who broke her fall? ;-) I hope he is worth it if she didn't get those boots. :) Great flash!

  4. Magic boots! You should see the smile on my face :D what a cute meet, Naomi. The action in this flash is superb. Well done and fun.


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