Friday, 6 September 2013

Flash Fiction Friday - 6 September: New Beginnings

Thank you for visiting. Well it's Friday again, and that means a time for flashing. Awesome writers have one hundred words only to write flash fiction inspired by a given picture.  Please show them some love. Flashers

 This week my version is called New Beginnings Enjoy

The house seemed so quiet to Kelly now. She sat crouched on the floor with head resting in her hands, thinking she should get moving.

Kelly had cared for her Father all through his illness, with no help from her sister. She remembered the crocodile tears Amanda had shed at the funeral and her audacity in hanging around hoping for rich pickings.

However it was Kelly who had discovered her Father's bankruptcy and realized she had to ready herself for a new chapter in life. Sadly she had put her belongings into storage.

The house auction was due to start.


  1. That's quite heart wrenching, Naomi. Love this different twist on the picture.

  2. My heart goes to Kelly for her loss and no place to live. Her evil sister got what she deserved- nothing. Moving and important flash to remember that people who pass on shouldn't leave anything behind but their good memories.

  3. Naomi, this was a refreshing change of heartfelt pace. Tired, spent, broke and heart-broken. You hit me on all 8, baby. I loved this:) xo

  4. Strong Flash! It's sad when people tend to care more for a person's belongings and their money than for the person. I feel for Kelly. Well done! :)

  5. Lovely flash very poignant, a little story in 100 words!

  6. Wow! Powerful flash, full of emotion and heart pain. I hope she can get things turned around after what happened with her fathers finances. Great flash Naomi.


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