Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Tantalizing Tuesday - 10 September: The Flautist

It's Tantalizing Tuesday so which means time for some teasing.  Some amazing authors write a 200 word piece of flash fiction inspired by a self chosen picture. So show some love follow the link to read and comment on their work. This week mine is called The Flautist Enjoy

Heavy crimson velvet curtains with golden brocade brushed the wooden floorboards when they parted. Grace moved center stage, into the spotlight.

She stood, tall and slender, in her maxi length blue silk dress that clung so elegantly to her curves. Grace's long dark hair tumbled over her sleek pale shoulders. Nobody saw the sadness in her eyes. She nodded to her pianist.

Grace lifted the flute, held it at the side of her face and positioned her fingers.

Grace bowed slightly, poised, listening intently while the Steinway struck up a few bars of gentle introduction. Then at the appropriate place, stood straight, flinging her hair back and with lips pursed, delivered her first silvery notes.

With eyes closed, Grace seemed in a world of her own. Her fingers flew up and down the flute, barely touching the keys. She knew her pieces off by heart never playing a note wrong.

When Grace finished playing,the lights went up to rapturous applause. Grace bowed, gathering flowers that were strewn across the stage and was also also presented with a huge bouquet.

Yet noticing the empty chair she thought, I played my best for you tonight sweetheart. If only you had heard me.


  1. Oh wow, that's a kicker at the end. Poor Grace. Excellent flash, Naomi :-)

  2. Naomi.....That was sublime and worth the wait. I knew by the foreboding sadness in her eyes, that we were headed to tears and dissappointment. The build up came with the crescendo of her piece........now we need to know more. Beautiful and the photo is perfect. Love it:) xo

  3. Such beautiful imagery and then stabs you in the heart at the end. It leaves me with the question: Is her lover dead? Is that why he isn't there to hear her performance? Great Teaser! It did just that! You tease! ;)

  4. a beautiful intro to what is hopefully a much longer story.

  5. Well done. You drew upon your musical talent appreciation. Your words are very eloquent but sad. I heard the beauty of her music and devotion to the person she played for.

  6. Damn, I didn't expect that portion of the snippet. What an awesome piece Naomi.

  7. Beautifully written piece Naomi and such a heart wrenching end that I wasn't expecting.

  8. Oh No who didn't show up, let me at em.... Beautiful snippet. x

  9. The scene is beautifully captured with the reader holding out for the reason behind her sadness. Why the empty chair...?

  10. The scene is beautifully captured with the reader holding out for the reason behind her sadness. Why the empty chair...?


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