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Guest Post ~ 17 November 2014: Ray Sostre

I have great pleasure today, in welcoming Ray Sostre as my guest. A few years back he was instrumental in helping me get my own writing off the ground, something I am extremely grateful for.

It's always good to see, him, so please join me in saying a big hello.  Here you go Ray, (passes microphone) tell us your story.

Thank you Naomi (switches microphone on) you forgot to turn it on lol. So you want to know about Ray Sostre, huh. Well here goes.

Ray Sostre was born in New York, raised throughout the east coast (New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania) for much of his life, until he moved to Nevada in 2005. His passion to write erotica happened by accident in the summer of 2010, but since then he’s been writing stories (m/f contemporary, lesbian, and m√©nage). At that same year, he established a new website, created specifically for erotic authors -- AfterDark Online, giving a voice to authors of erotica and erotic romance. He lives with his longtime girlfriend of nearly ten years, and is an avid listener of electronica, hip hop, and R&B.

Ray jokes, “I’m always looking for writing material.”

And now to my work.

Thanks for having me on here Naomi. It’s good be on her as your guest host. I’m Ray Sostre, erotic romance author and founder of a site for erotic authors – AfterDark Online. I’m writing to you about story of friendship that turns into lust and love and then a relationship where true love is defined.

In my series Love Out Of Lust, I didn’t know where to go with the story, because I wanted the story to be filled with some steamy sex scenes, but I also wanted a love story, and something that most people could identify with; not too dreamy, but not to gritty – just right.

While the series has reached some successes, I still haven’t finished the story, since I’ve been wrapped up in my day job, where I was a manager. Just recently, I left the position to follow my passion. I’m looking to go somewhere. Where? All I can hope is something more positive than ever.

Please take the time to look at what’s inside the Love Out Of Lust Series. This work is also credited to my editor – Elicia Stoll, and I can’t wait to have her edit Part Five to my series, which I’m shooting for an end of the year release.

EXCERPT: Love Out Of Lust – Part Two

He nodded, “I do.” He shrugged, hoping to salvage what was left of their friendship. “Look, what we did was…” He stammered for a better reason why they had sex together. His only excuse was... “We both needed comfort last night.”
“We did.” Then there was silence – pure silence. Marisol took a step closer. “Look, we can still be friends, right? Nothing’s going to change between us, right?’
“Yeah.” He shrugged, “It was a one-time thing.”
“Cool.” She opened her arms wide, offering him a hug. “So, we’re okay?”
Daryl returned the hug, but when his body contacted hers, he felt the softness of her body. He’d hugged her multiple times and never thought of her that way, until now. Her hand on his back felt warm and affectionate. It was a different kind of affection than normal; the kind that turned him on. They hugged each other tightly, and Daryl felt his cock growing beneath his sweatpants. The feel of her breasts under her robe pressed into his chest was too much. He realized this was going to lead to something different.
Marisol and Daryl pulled back and gazed at each other. The gaze might’ve been brief, but it felt long. He noticed her wanton look like never before. Something was sparking between them, and he needed to break this lustful spell.
“Marisol, do you want some coffee?”
She quickly snapped out of it. “Uh... yeah.” They broke free from each other and she went into the pantry to get a can of ground coffee.

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Well, it's always a pleasure to have you round here Ray. Your writing is wonderful and sure to win many fans. I wish you the very best of luck with it

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