Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Tantalizing Tuesday ~ 11 October 2016: Late

Welcome to Tuesday, a time to tantalize and  tease. Awesome writers, bring you 200 word teasers inspired by a self chosen picture. Please follow the Tantalizing Tuesday link to encourage each teaser by reading and leaving a comment. It means so much.

With her back to him, tapping her foot and staring hard out of the window, she waited. Patience definitely not her forte. Tall, enticingly shapely, she wore a tight black corset laced up tightly.

Her long black hair hung loose in a  sheen. Black fishnet stockings adorned her legs and scant panties completed the outfit.

Sam stopped still and gasped at the sight, with heart racing. His gaze locked onto her arms, and  journeyed down the length of her long black gloves until he reached the place where with her hands crossed, she grasped a whip. This woman obviously eluded an air of menace.

His presence detected, she snapped. “Are you going to stand there gawking all night?”

His groin sprang to life. Moving closer and stroking a little of her hair aside, Sam leaned in closely, and his lips gently brushed the nape of her neck.

She spun round, cracking the whip sharply as with steely eyes she screamed, “Stop! You're late! Did I give you permission to kiss me?”

I …Sorry Mistress”

Strip! Then, drop to your knees!”

Yes, Mistress.” Fumbling with his shirt buttons, Sam thought, I love it when the kids are on a sleepover.


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