Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Midweek Tease ~ 30 November 2016: Night Ride

Welcome to Midweek Tease. A weekly blog hop where amazing authors share a snippet of their work. It may be something completed, or a WIP. Please follow the links to read everyone's offering. And remember, a comment is encouraging to a writer, it means so much. I have a small snippet this week that comes from a WIP Night Ride. Enjoy.

 Madison could usually beat the escalator if she ran down the steps, and tonight she didn't want to take any chances on missing the tube. Ahead of hershe could see quite a few people waiting; it seemed unusual to her to have that many waiting for a late tube, she didn't know of any late night shopping in that area, nor any late football matches, but then again, she could be wrong. After all, she had been stuck inside all day, attending one of the most boring meetings ever.

Lights at the sides of the tunnel shone, and a sudden woosh of the late tube sounded as it neared and slowed at the narrow platform. Madison got caught up in the myriad of bodies and the sudden surge forward, as people almost fought to get onto the tube and find a decent seat. She could barely distinguish one from the other, and definitely didn't notice the tall redheaded man who wore a heavy black coat. Madison never realized how much the man would figure in her night time journey.

Unfortunately, by the time Madison found a carriage that didn't have drunks hurling abuse at each other or making lewd suggestions toward her, and all in the space of about three minutes, she found herself in a carriage where all the seats were taken and she found herself having to cling on to one of the pivoted grab handles while jammed between an old man in a tweed jacket and a woman who did her best to send a text using her other hand. Looking down she noticed the redheaded man in the heavy coat, who smiled upward giving Madison a sympathetic look.

"I'd try to do the gentlemanly thing and change places, but I think several others would grapple for the seat and get here first. Hopefully you'll get a seat soon."


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