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Guest Interview #3 - 18 February: Julez S Morbius

18 February
Today I am pleased to introduce Julez S Morbius

Hey There Julez, come in. Sit down, I don't bite. Well, only sometimes.

Where's my manners? I should be offering you a drink. What can I get you?

Just a coffee please, white one sugar

I like mine hot and strong, like my men. Sorry, getting off the subject in hand.  *Passes the microphone*Okay Julez, in your own words, describe yourself

I am Julez S Morbius 43 year old partially disabled father to nine children, 4 of my own and 5 stepchildren. I live in Melton Mowbray Leics, England. Before becoming as disabled as I am now I used to work as a butcher first then an undertaker.

Ah, another Brit! And one who has had interesting jobs. I bet you gleaned all sorts of information for your writing. And getting back to writing, what made you start?

I began to write, just for fun, about five years ago when I was in a disastrous marriage and have continued to write ever since.

Do you get support from people?

My current fiancée is very encouraging towards my writing but generally I am just left to get on with it when I am in the zone and the words are flowing freely.

When your muse is on side lol!

Do you write in a specific genre, or diversify?

Generally I write transsexual love stories or m/m shorts. I chose transsexual after reading a few and seeing that they all tended to portray the woman as nothing more than a sex object and I wanted to show that they are like everyone else, and have feelings and emotions just like you or I.

I  think that's admirable.
How do you get the ideas

Ideas just come to me out of the blue most of the time, there is very rarely one particular thing I see or hear that makes me think “that would make a good story”

I suppose you are a horror story fan

My favourite type of books are horror or psychological thrillers. Stuff by people like Stephen King, Kathy Reichs, Karen Rose, Patricia Cornwell etc.

You love a bit of excitement eh.

Do you have a favourite author?

No I can’t say there is although I wouldn’t mind being able to write like those I mentioned in the previous question.

Maybe you will some day. You never know.
 Is there another genre you would like to attempt ?

With a name like mine, and my interests, I think erotic horror would be a field I would like to get into one day.

I'm sure you'll do a splendid job honey.

Was there a specific time that made you think 'Yes, I am a writer'?

I guess the day Star Search was released was the day that I first thought to myself ‘hey I’m an author, I can do it’

Do you have a favourite character from one of your books? If so, why?
I guess Joe from Star Search is my favourite character. Like me he goes for what he wants, no matter what the risks or danger.

Have you a recent release, or one due out?

My only release so far is Star Search, a transsexual love story featuring crime, passion and lots of hot steamy sex

You must be thrilled

Getting Star Search accepted by Naughty Nights Press was the biggest break I have ever received

Do you have a specific place wherey you prefer to write?

I do all my writing on a desktop PC in the corner of my living room, with either sport or music on the TV and lots of coffee

lol just like me

If you weren’t a writer, what would you like to do?

Console games tester

Ah someone unlike me who can actually understand computers


I enjoy reading, writing (obviously lol), Playstation 3 gaming, sport and music

You've finished your coffee. Another?

Thank you same again

Passes a fresh cup over

What five words describe you and why?

Dark, Brooding, Mysterious, Quiet and friendly. Whith me what you see is what you get. A man that dresses darkly, always thinking, planning with not a lot to say until you get to know me but willing to help anybody out if I can

You sound a nice person, even if you are one to brood

What's your current project?

I have begun a new fantasy themed story but as of yet I haven’t got very far into it as fantasy is another genre I haven’t written before.

Any chance of a look see?

Wearing just jeans and trainers I was roughly pushed into the large hall-like room and the double doors closed behind me. The two women that had led me to the room pushed me forward, until I was standing in the centre of the room. I looked around, noticed that everyone in the room was female and wondered where the hell I was. I was about to turn and ask one of the women when, without warning. A sharp blow to the back of the legs dropped me to my knees.
“What the fu...” I began to say but was silenced by another blow, this time across my muscular back.
“SILENCE!!” One of the women shouted. “YOU SPEAK WHEN YOU ARE TOLD AND NOT BEFORE!!”
Anger welled up inside my body, my blood starting to boil and I began to stand, only for the women to place their hands on my shoulders and force me back down.
“STAY ON YOUR KNEES UNTIL YOU ARE TOLD!!” One of the guards instructed.
Just as I was about to protest again ;a door, opposite the ones I was ushered in by, swung open and the most beautiful woman I had ever seen appeared. Flame red hair cascaded halfway down her back, she wore a flowing red dress that covered her full length, hiding her feet and giving the impression she was floating towards me. Eventually she stopped, no more than a foot away, and looked down at me.
“Is this the one?” The woman asked one of my guards.
“It is.”
“Well he certainly looks strong enough,” The woman in red said. “And are you sure he believes in what we stand for? What we are seeking?”
“He does,” my other guard said. “We have been watching and tracking him for a while now and he is just perfect.”
“In that case take him to his room,” The woman said before looking back down at me. “And you just wait for me I shall be along shortly.”
Roughly I was lifted to my feet and taken back through the doors I entered through.
“Would one of you like to explain just what the fuck is going on here?” I asked eventually as the three of us walked down corridor after corridor.
“Skye will explain everything when she knows she can trust you,” one of the woman said. “And before you ask Skye is the woman in red you have just met.”

Sounds really exciting honey, bound to be a winner

And final question. Plans for 2012?

To hopefully get two or three full length stories released and continue to improve as an author

Please give a blog link so we can follow your progress

It's been great seeing you honey.

Thank you for having me. It has been a pleasure

Drop by anytime, I always have coffee on 

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