Friday, 17 February 2012

Flash Fiction Friday #10 - 17 February

 Friday is upon us again. Here we are again for our Flash Fiction Friday Fun.
One hundred words, no more no less, to create a story from a given picture.
This week the picture is chosen by yours truly. And this is what I saw.
Please stop by other talented flashers to see what they saw :)

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The Date

Kelly picked up her fruit cocktail and took a sip. Then turning to Mark she moaned, “I can feel his eyes burning into my neck. I wish he’d go away.”

“He’s your lap dog honey.” Mark replied with a laugh. “But I must admit this is very creepy. I mean, who brings a brother along to a date these days? You never used to need a chaperone.”

“It’s because of last night. He’s very protective.”

“Oh Kelly, he’s not your Father.”

“I know, but you should have heard him. He went berserk. In the end I had to tell him.”  


  1. You're such a tease Naomi! I'm dying to know what she told him and what happened last night! Great post!

  2. TELL HIM WHAT! Oh, damn these 100 tiny words. What happened last night? Tease!

  3. I do love the little endings that leave you hanging - don't you?

  4. Damn Naomi, give us the deets! What happened last night?

    Great FFF as always.

  5. Oh man!! I'm with everyone else, such a tease!! What happened? What did she tell him? Why did he go beserk? Grrrrr!

  6. OOOHH, Crap, what did she have to tell him???!!

  7. I want to know what happened last night? Nice tease and tension, Naomi!

  8. Aw that is so cruel. What the hell happened last night and did she tell him the whole truth or did she water it down? Naomi, you are such a little tease or in this case, flasher. I want to see all of it. You've got my mouth watering for it, but all you give me is lick.

    Excellent, excellent.

  9. What did she have to tell him? This one was good!

  10. Oh c’mon! What she’d tell him, that she wasn’t a virgin? LOL!

  11. Oh wow!! I want to know now what happened the night before. :) Awesome post!

  12. What did they do last night???? Great post :)


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