Friday, 2 March 2012

Flash Fiction Friday #12 - 2 March

Here we are again. A picture may be worth a thousand words but on Friday one hundred is the rule.
With one given picture several talented writers give their hundred word story inspirations. Thank you for visiting to read and maybe comment on mine. Please take a journey to read other Flashers


The Pretence

“Remember, you’ve never seen a woman before. Treat her like she’s a goddess,” he heard Philip say.
Troy lifted Sara’s semi naked body out of the water and leaned it against the huge fallen branch. His own naked body pressed against her, he nuzzled into Sara’s neck and lifted a foot against his hip. “You’re such a gorgeous creature, I think I love you.”

“Yes! More,” called the director.

Sara leaned her head back and snuggled into Troy. His hand slowly slid up her leg, with fingers seeking her pussy.

“Careful,” hissed Sara. “My husband can’t discover we are lovers.”


  1. Delightful.........and I will never tell:) xo

  2. Nice! So they’re acting, but are true secret lovers. That’s deliciously scandalous. :oD

  3. Hmm, if her husband is watching this scene, he will know for sure there is some hankie-pankie going on. Well done Ms. Naomi, I think Troy ought to just slide his hand down there and see what she has to say once he touches her clit.

  4. Such a Naughty Naomi you are. lol Loved it. Secret lovers pretending to just be playing their part. But I am sure the passion between probably lights up the screen.
    Great FFF.

  5. Naughty Naomi :P Now "Secret Lovers" is floating around in my brain :P

  6. Naomi, I loved it! I guess the hubby isn't performing to her standards. Maybe she's tough to please, or maybe she's freak and her hubby is very vanilla. I like that better I think. You could spin this into a short story if you wanted. Great post!


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