Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Tantalizing Tuesday - 31 July: The Bandstand

Tuesday is the time where a group of Awesome Writers post two hundred word tantalizing teasers inspired by a personal choice of picture for others to enjoy and comment on. So pull up a chair and have some fun. Every one is different. This week mine is called The Bandstand. Enjoy

“There’s hardly any shelter here, but you’re welcome to sit down,” laughed the bandmaster when Tessa raced up the steps of the bandstand.
She sat on one of the plastic chairs and he continued stacking the others.  Slats were missing in the roof and the unexpected rain, falling at a heavy rate, seeped through. Wet made her curls lank and soaked her summer dress.
Tess felt something placed around her shoulders. “You should have worn a coat,” the bandmaster said while he wrapped his elaborately trimmed jacket around her. “Here, you can borrow this for a while.  
Peering over her shoulder, his breath tickled her neck, raising goose pumps and could not help noticing the soft curvature of her breast where her neckline gaped open. His fingers slipped down on the pretence of doing up a jacket button, but missed, catching hold of her nipples through the cloth, tweaking them.
He felt a stirring in his groin and pressed against the chair back.
Tingles shot down her spine and Tessa sighed.
He turned her head slightly and kissed her lips. “We’re not in the best place to make love. Let’s continue at home.”
“Only if I can wear your jacket.”


  1. Sweet, sexy and hot. Love the photo as well.

  2. Cute and sexy! At first I thought they were strangers. Fun twist to the story. :)

  3. Playful and fun, with its romantic backdrop and sexy twists. Nice writing, Naomi.

  4. Very romantic, and so well suited to the picture too.

  5. I agree with all the others, Naomi: sweet, sexy, surprising and romantic. I thought they were strangers, too, at first which made it even sexier for me, so the end was actually a twist. You clever girl! Loved it:) xo

  6. Ha lovely story, great imagery!

  7. Great tease Naomi. Loved the build up

  8. Lovely post. I'd love to see more of this.


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