Friday, 17 August 2012

Flash Fiction Friday - 17 August: Why?

It's Friday again and we have another picture. But only 100 words to get write a story Click the link to read the other Awesome Writers' stories. This week my story is called Why? Enjoy
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Rob looked down at his food and tried to hide his disappointment. He knew she was mad. Suzanne dug her fingernails into and stared hard at the piece of paper.

“What in hell’s name were you thinking?” she snapped, without even looking at him. “How could you let her walk all over you like that?”

Rob reached out and took the paper from her. “I’m sorry honey. She cornered me and I couldn’t refuse. I’ll make it up to you.”

“You’d better! Well let’s do it. I’m in no mood to babysit and this cot looks a bugger to erect.”  


  1. The boy is in trouble, I can feel her wrath. So curious on what he allowed the mystery girl to do. I'll be thinking about this. Love your 100th word ;)

  2. Wow and I wonder what a chore watching this child will be. Great FFF!

  3. Ok, well - this is certainly a very interesting FF post. It's clear that Rob is in deep trouble and for sure he won't be getting any nookie tonight on that bugger of a cot, but what the heck did he do? Did his Mother come for a visit, did the babysitter get drunk, this one is a mystery to me. Hmmm, Naomi this one has me stumped.

  4. I suspect this has something to do with an ex-wife and watching a child when it's not his week-end. You have me curious!

  5. Great take on the picture loved the flash


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