Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Tantalizing Tuesday - 28 August

Well Tuesday is here again. What better time than now to tantalize and tease. A personal picture prompt and 200 words, no more no less, to create a story to tantalize. Show some love and click to read and comment on the Awesome Writers taking part. I hope you enjoy and comment on mine.

                                                        Image: FreeDigitalPhotos.net

The car crawled to a halt at the side of a country lane and no matter how hard she tried, Ingrid could not start it up.
“I’m so sorry about this. “I can’t even give you a lift home without something going wrong.”
Ingrid looked very downhearted. “Damn car!”
Ryan looked at her and smiled. “Don’t worry; there must be a house around here, where we can shelter.”
After a short walk, they arrived at a house with a welcoming porch light on. A voluptuous woman opened the door and after Ingrid explained their predicament, she agreed to having them shelter. She showed them up to a bedroom. “This has an en suite, you can stop here.” She gave Ryan a wink and closed the door .
Ryan courteously offered Ingrid the bed. However, when he returned from the en suite he saw her sprawled in her underwear on the bed, beckoning to him. There were immediate stirrings in his groin. He desperately wanted the blonde beauty. “ I … I shouldn’t,” he stammered. “What about your partner?”
Ingrid chuckled, “Who do you think the woman downstairs is? She’ll be up soon. She loves a ménage with a frat boy.”


  1. Lucky frat-boy. Naughty Ingrid. Let the games begin! I love it when a sexy plan comes together. ;)

  2. Great tease Naomi excellently written and very naughty

  3. You clever girl, Naomi! Excellent tease and great writing.

  4. Cute Naomi, really cute. It was a setup and now Ryan is about to seriously get lucky. I need a girlfriend like Ingrid.

  5. Oh, my sweet wicked Naomi! You caught me, falling into the safe clutch of your wordsy trap! I did not see that one coming but enjoyed the clutch, my sweet. You are so very clever!:) xo

  6. Ooo, that was a sweet setup! I love how that played out. That was awesome, Naomi.
    Yvonne Nicolas
    BTW- I tried to do this comment through my goggle account, but it's not being very nice to me today.

  7. And here I was thinking he was pulling that old "I ran out of gas" routine!


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