Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Tantalizing Tuesday - 7 August: The Wedding

It's Tuesday and time for the teasers to gather and tantalize you. A picture of their own choosing provides inspiration for awesome writers to write a two hundred word teaser. Please read and comment. clicking the link to discover the other awesome teasers. Each deserves a read and a comment. This week mine is called The Wedding

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The wedding march sounded, with Salvatore and Maria emerging from a packed church as newlyweds. Proud parents had looked on as they exchanged vows.

The sun shone and following the inevitable confetti, then photographs, they were spirited away in a horse drawn carriage. Proud dapple-grey horses led them to the reception.

Salvatore turned and kissed her saying, “I love you Mrs Rossi.”

Still brushing confetti from their clothes Salvatore and Maria entered the reception hall to a cheer from friends and family.  A customary toasting with champagne followed wedding breakfast.

After staff had cleared away, the live band began to play. Their first piece was a love song and Salvatore led Maria onto the dance floor.  He was an excellent dancer and led well. He held a hand and placed the other in the small of her back, whisking her round.  

She nestled her head against his shoulder and he detected jasmine in her jet- black hair. Dancing with love shared they swayed to the music, hip brushing hip.Lost in the music his hand slipped down his hand cupping her ass, drawing it closer.

Suddenly he stopped and with mock shock hissed, “Have you gone all day without panties?”  
Did I tease?  


  1. Quelle surprise, surprise!!! Delightful, Naomi! He won't have much unwrapping to get to that wedding present! Perhaps in the cloakroom?! Loved it, sweetie:) xo

  2. Lol..I love it Naomi...The perfect tease for the perfect day...thank you ...:D

  3. Did she? Didn't she? What IS the status of those panties, and if they are M.I.A, how did she lose them? Now, that was a tease! Well done, Naomi :)

  4. Excellent. I love a sexy wedding story. The thought that the perfect bride is ready to be extra-naughty for her new husband. Great tease.

  5. Hee hee hee... that was great! I see one wonderfully hot honeymoon about to start!

  6. Mmmm, my kinda bride, I see a torrid honeymoon about to be unleashed.
    What a huge tease!

  7. Beautiful sexy TTT! I loved this.

  8. Great tease very romantic and the ending suggests a very good night for Salvatore


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