Monday, 6 August 2012

Monday Book Review - 6 August: Reunited at a Reunion

It's Monday and time for another review. I'm loving setting time aside for reading some wonderful books
Reunited at a Reunion – Julez Morbius

Julez Morbius is a writer with a sparkling future. I just finished reading his latest work ‘Reunited at a Reunion and have to say it was a real treat to read.

From the start he places you right in the middle of the first scene and you can almost reach out and touch one of the main characters Victor Pierce as he walks into the hall where the reunion is being held. Julez is a master of imagery, describing perfectly the emotions and feelings when Victor meets Ian again after a ten year gap. Then again, he pinpointed all feelings with expert precision throughout the book.
This book is a must read. I must admit M/M is not a genre I usually choose to read, but Julez has opened my mind. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and will be following Julez and reading future books of his. Well done Julez!


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