Friday, 7 September 2012

Flash Fiction Friday - 7 September: The Appointment

Here we are again. Friday is the time when a group of Awesome Writers get together. From a given picture write a one hundred word piece of flash fiction. Each deserves a read and a comment. This week my piece is called The Appointment. Enjoy.


“I see you’re a little bit the worse for the wear today,” said Nicola. She watched Pete Roberts rolling around on the bed laughing. The smell of alcohol became apparent. She removed her coat and laid it carefully over his chair before walking toward him. However as she bent forward he saw her cleavage and burst into another fit of giggles.

 Nicola knew he wasn’t able to help her, so she removed his shoes and socks.

“Sorry,” Pete said finally. “My brother came round needing company drowning his sorrows after his girlfriend left him. I forgot my domiciliary chiropody appointment.” 


  1. hmmm different take on the pic. I'm a little confused though, is this still associated with a wedding? Intriguing.

    1. I saw the pic in a completely different way. I always have to be different lol

  2. I like it Naomi great take on the pic

  3. Well, I must admit this is a unique flash - I had to Google domiciliary chiropody. LOL. So I'm thinking poor Pete has bad feet and he's having a foot cramp or something else equally painful. I hope Nicola is his wife or girlfriend because since he missed his appointment, his feet probably smell. Funny, this a funny flash Ms. Naomi.

  4. Great Post Naomi, Funny and cute!

  5. I have no idea what that is, but great flash anyway! Made me laugh.


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