Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Tantalizing Tuesday - 4 September: The Meeting

It's Tuesday again and time for the teasers to tantalize. A group of Awesome Writers, who choose a picture prompt and write a 200 word (no more no less) story for your pleasure. Please show them some love by reading and commenting. This week my story is called The Meeting

Hell! Is that really the time? I’m going to be very late.” Paul scooped his laptop up and checked his appearance in the hall mirror."I just checked my day’s schedule and I have an exceptionally busy day. Luckily, I am meeting a client for lunch, so I don’t need to take sandwiches."

His wife laughed as she walked out to the car with him and gave him a kiss goodbye. “I think you are glued to that laptop. It goes everywhere with you.” Then looking up she noticed a woman come out of the house next door. “I see Mrs Roberts is going out again. Another shopping trip.”

“Shh, she’ll hear you.”

She smiled. “Good Morning Mrs Roberts.”

Paul gave her a casual wave, then got into his car and drove off.

The morning dragged on, two boring meetings that Paul was obliged to attend.  He felt relieved when lunchtime arrived and made his way to a nearby hotel. He met the client in the reception for a drink before leading them to the restaurant.

“I like your choice,” they said.

“I booked a room too for afters,” Paul winked. Or do you want to skip lunch Mrs Roberts?” 



  1. Great Tease Naomi very naughty neighbours

  2. Ummmmm. Shame....Mrs. Roberts and hubby are so naughty....um.....

    Great tease, Love

  3. Sneaky, naughty neighbors. LOL
    Great teaser Naomi, I love your last minute surprises :)

  4. Ha! lovely! I loved this little teaser!

  5. yep, that was a definite tease. ;)

  6. Oh, not nice! They need to be a little more discreet before she finds out and stops the fun. Hopefully a gun won't be involved. Great tease, btw!

  7. Naomi, other than the typos, I loved The Meeting which was a surprise at the end.

  8. Ooo, how naughty. They played it off good when the wife was around. Great flash!

  9. Love a bit of neighbourly clandestine lust. I had a sense that was where it was heading, you little tease. Is this going to lead into a full-scale erotic suburban soap opera???


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