Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Tantalizing Tuesday - 30 October: Halloween Party

Its that time of the week again. Tuesday. The time when awesome writers known as teasers tantalize with their 200 word stories inspired by a chosen picture. This week my story is themed to the time of year and is called Halloween Party. I hope you enjoy reading. All comments greatly appreciated. Then show some love to the otherFabulous Teasers by reading their stories.

The great hall of Bartholomew castle was the ideal setting for a Halloween party. Some said it was haunted. People were dressed as witches, warlocks, devils, mummies and all manner of ghoulish creatures. The party was already in full swing.

Would you like some punch, Morticia?” Clara looked up and felt instantly attracted to the tall dark stranger.

 “Yes please.” He reminded her of a typical Dr Jekyll; with a long black cloak and a silver topped cane. Clara supped a little of the strange green liquid, but then said,“Come on; let’s go have some real Halloween fun.  Exiting the hall unnoticed they raced across the courtyard into the night.

“Quickly, over there,” yelled Clara pointing to an eerie looking building. They stumbled up three steps into a dank dark tunnel with crumbling walls that seemed to be leading to a dungeon.

“This reminds me of home,” he laughed.”

“Stop!” Clara leant on the cold stone and pulled him against her. She ran her fingers down his slender body, stroking his inner thigh. “Fuck me.”

“With pleasure my dear.” He wound his dark cloak around her and closed in. “But you should know I’m a gatecrasher. I’m Count Dracula.”


  1. Excellent lead in to the fun Halloween twist at the end. I love your photo and your writing.

  2. cool. happy halloween surprise to her!

  3. This is where the bad boy come out. I liked the twist in the end Naomi. Great teaser.

  4. Oh Naomi, this is a delicious tale of twisted desire gone awry. Poor Ms. Clara thought she'd have a little fun and get some wicked nookie for Halloween. Now she's going to get a wicked hickey on her neck and not even get fucked. I loved it. Muwah!!@

  5. Hi Naomi, really enjoyed your story & with a good twist at the end. Gray

  6. Great tease and I loved the twist at the end

  7. Full of Halloween naughtiness and Gothic surprises. I figured he'd turn out to be Mr Hyde, but the Count is even more scary-sexy. Lovely tease, Naomi!


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