Friday, 21 December 2012

Flash Fiction Friday - 21 December: Unbelieving

It's Friday so time for a flash. Flash fiction of course, where a group of awesome writers have a given picture and 100 words only to write up their version of a story inspired by it.  So show them some love by reading and commenting please. This week mine is called Unbelieving Enjoy

Donna was a legal secretary in the firm of Nicholls and sons. She was crazy about young Mr Nicholls but he hardly ever acknowledged her. Donna worked diligently, yet her workload seemed never ending.

Although not feeling very festive because of working on Christmas Eve, she tried to lift her spirits by wearing a Santa hat. Donna was the last one there when young Mr Nicholls came in bearing wine.

“Father Christmas brought you a special bonus,” he said.

Donna gasped, unbelieving, as when he undid his coat, he was naked except for silver tinsel wound around his huge cock.

Have a lovely Christmas xx


  1. LOL!!! Love where the tensil is hanging. But hopefully that's the only thing hanging. The cock should be standing at attention. I'm so glad she got her Christmas bonus. Now where is mine??? Great flasher, Naomi!!

  2. Flash fiction in more sense than one! Very festive, Naomi, along with very naughty and very entertaining. Perfect for the more Pagan aspects of the season... ;)

  3. Lol! What a great surprise! I wonder what she'll do with such a useful present?

  4. Very cheeky flash Naomi. Merry Christmas


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