Friday, 4 January 2013

Flash Fiction Friday - 4 January: The Party

It's that time again. Time for the flashers to show how talented they are at short fiction. Each has a given picture and one hundred words only for their version inspired by it. Please show some love by reading and commenting. This week my flasher is called The Party Enjoy


“Very nice indeed babe, but why are you dressed like that?” Jeff lifted his head from the laptop and smiled.

“Don’t you remember the party hon?  I have been trying on outfits. I think this is the best. Do you like it?”

He grinned. “I like. I like very much. However, are you actually travelling in it, we have a long journey. Probably would be better if you changed there.”

Jeff’s eyes met a frown. “I wanted to arrive at Hogmanay in style.”

“Okay, but if you’re dressing as a true Scot, please don’t hitch the kilt up too high.”
Happy New Year xx


  1. Very good flash Naomi I love it. Hope you have a great 2013

  2. Yes, true Scot, here's hoping they both are, lol. Fun flash, Naomi. Happy New Year!!

  3. Very fitting flash Naomi! Geat fun!

  4. I loved the idea of the Scots and I wonder what she'll do there once the others see her in that short skirt. ;-) Def have me curious to know more.

  5. Very seasonal, Naomi, very fun. Reminds me of a Hogmanay when this Irishman dressed like a true Scot... ;)


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