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New Release - 8 December: Kathleen Grieve

Today it is time to talk about a writer with a new release. I’m very pleased to introduce the lovely Kathleen Grieve, who is here to tell us all about her new release ‘The Doctor’s Deception. Welcome.

Thank you so much for hosting me here today! I would like very much to tell you about my current release, The Doctor’s Deception. This is available now from Evernight Publishing. First, though let me enlighten you a bit on who I am.

A graduate of University of Nebraska Medical Center, I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Science and Nursing in 1994. Having been a dedicated nurse for the past seventeen years, I served most of those years working in intensive care. Writing however, has always been a great love of mine, another career I decided to pursue. I have been an avid romance reader of all genres since I was thirteen. After a while, I decided to have a go at hand at writing myself and completed my first novel in the summer of 2006.

I draw a lot from the real-life medical drama she experiences as a RN. Writing medical romance is a creative outlet where I can effectively deal with the daily stress and sorrow, adding levity and humor to situations that provide a happily ever after when there is none.

So, that’s me, in a nutshell. Now onto the romance writing J

Feeling Sexy…Or Not So Much?

What makes a person sexy?  Is it purely cosmetic or just how you feel on the inside?  God knows I’ve looked my absolute worst and my special guy will share a look or say just the right thing making me feel like a siren—although I’m far from it.  Especially after having four kids.  However, that does not stop me from trying! LOL.

Then there are those times when a woman just wants to go out and look and feel confident so we put ourselves through the paces to try and turn every man’s head looking to connect with our special someone.  After all, isn’t that what sexy is all about?  Finding a way to connect with the opposite sex on a different level?  Or perhaps something deeper… more intimate?

In my latest release, The Doctor’s Deception, my hero Faith Daniels has accepted a challenge.  She wants to melt Dr. Stone Lassiter’s heart and when she decides to pull out all the stops and dress in the sexiest red dress her exact thought is, “Oh, yeah. Stone was in T-R-O-U-B-L-E”.  The ritual she goes through to look and feel her best boosts her confidence and of course, who doesn’t want to see a strong, sexy hawt and mostly arrogant heart surgeon beg for mercy? LOL

Just like the words in the song, ‘Man-eater’, by Nelly Furtado, Faith feels the feminine power of her sex and what a delightful force for Dr. Stone Lassiter to reckon with.

What makes you feel sexy?  Leave a comment and a valid email address for your chance to win a $5 Evernight Publisher Gift Card! 


Hardheaded, straight-laced Dr Stone Lassiter is one heart surgeon about to lose everything he has worked for, his entire career.  He is locked in a battle of wills against the nurses of the surgical intensive care unit of Deerborne County General. 

At first, the new doctor was definitely drool-worthy.  Sexy or not, the nurses have had enough!  Their secret weapon? Unsuspecting SICU nurse, Faith Daniels, a cool green-eye blonde that turns Dr. Lassiter’s head every time she’s near.   Poor Faith has the “worst luck” in drawing the short straw and has to work repeatedly with Dr. Lassiter. 

Will the nurses’ plan to have Dr. Lassiter fall in love with one of their own work in softening him toward the nursing staff? Or will the little white lie Stone tells Faith to enlist her aid to obtain his goal destroy the fragile bond of love that has developed between them?


Faith moaned and woke to the constant chiming of her doorbell and pounding on the front door.  The wonderful, erotic dream of Stone painting her with melted chocolate burst. 

She lifted her head and glanced at her clock. 7:00a.m. Groaning, she pulled the covers over her head and rolled onto her stomach, trying to recapture her fantasy.  Maybe whoever it was would go away if she ignored them.

Ding-dong… Ding-dong… Ding-dong…

“Oh, give it a rest already!” she yelled, climbing out of bed.  The cool morning air hit her bare legs and arms, and she shivered.

She reached the front door and yanked it open. 

Stone Lassiter stood on her step, hand in air, ready to pound the unrelenting wood again. 
Staring, her fogged brain tried to wake up.  Hadn’t he just been in her room? 

No, that wasn’t real you nit-wit!   

“You!  What’s the big idea?  Do you realize how early it is?  It’s my day off!” 

Not to mention, I was in the middle of the best dream of my life. 
I, for one want to know more about this story. Can we have some links please honey. 


Twitter @KathleenGrieve

Thanks hon. Now, what can I get you to drink?



  1. My pleasure honey. It's great to have you drop by

  2. It's the look in his eyes that makes me feel sexy, it's how he treats me that makes me feel sexy and it's the way he loves me that makes me feel sexy.

  3. I found this blog and couldn't resist to comment. I think what makes me (personally) sexy are my lips. Yes, I am a guy. But, I should also say that many girls say they love my teeth, I don't know if that's allowed. Maybe It's my smile. Alright, I can't decide. I guess nothing makes me feel sexy; maybe I am sexy. :-) I hope this comment isn't in vain.
    The novel looks and reads great! I'll share it on my Twitter.

    1. Thank you J Luis! And no it's not vain. A woman does look at a guy's lips/mouth/teeth. Hygiene for one is important LOL, but some lips/mouths are sexier than others...

  4. LOL, Manda! I have 4 kids and they all crawled in bed with me and still do. Trying to find that alone time can be challenging when the kids are young! The Best to you!


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