Friday, 22 February 2013

Flash Fiction Friday - 22 February: Without Love

It's Friday again, so that means time to flash. A little flash fiction using one hundred words, no more no kess and inspired by a given picture. This week's picture proved a real challenge. I called it Without Love
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Nakhti felt as though he was sinking in a sea of despair. He barely remembered his own name now since becoming an outcast. Not only by his family, but also from the whole Igai tribe after the onset of ‘the disease’ that caused a hideous body and facial appearance. No one understood and many feared the way he had become.

Now he resided outside the boundaries of the  Dakhleh Oasis, banished to the mountains of Egypt, living off the land. Night after night, he stayed awake, fearing attacks from the mountain wolves. Yet wondering whether without love, dying was better.


  1. Very dark. You're right that is a different flash from you. I felt bad for him that he had been banished and was forced to live without love. I don't klnow if I could make it without having some kind of human connection. Great flash.

  2. No, Nakhti, it's not. I'm sure you will find happiness again. Lovely flash Naomi.

  3. Excellent, this is an excellent flasher Naomi. The picture was a challenge and you stepped up to it. I like the way you portrayed him as an outcast desperate for love and human interaction. The despair of being alone with no one to turn to fits the gruesome picture. Bravo, well done.

  4. A dark flash, Naomi, though moving as well. A potentially fascinating character, skilfully introduced. Wonderful imaginative use of the pic.


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