Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Tantalizing Tuesday - 12 February: Rose

Welcome to Tuesday and let me tease you. It's time for some Awesome writers to write a two hundred word tantalizing teaser from a personal picture prompt. So show some love by way of reading them. Comments always appreciated. This week mine is called The Rose Enjoy.


He silently watched his wife who lay naked in bed, surrounded by the warmth of some beautiful dream that enveloped her. Her body moved, as she turned onto her back, her legs parting slightly. He thought how beautiful she looked, fell in love all over again, wanting her completely. He wondered if he dare wake her as, reaching for the rose, he trailed it gently around her left breast.

She squirmed a little and murmured words he could not make out. Was she awake? Her eyes remained closed, so he could not be sure. He lay beside her, continuing to journey the rose, this time around her right breast and down to her belly button. An erogenous zone of hers, he dallied a while, circling the area.

True enough, something seemed to be affecting her and him also. His twitching phallus started rising. He noticed her eyelids fluttering and her lips moving apart.

Her legs drew up and he teased the rose down to the place between, stroking gently until, seemingly spring loaded, she opened her eyes wide yelling out one word “Oh!”

Then came over the rose.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, Rose darling.” He lifted the flower. “Taste the love.”


  1. beautifully written and very romantic

  2. Very sensuous, romantic Teaser for Valentine's Day. I loved every movement he made with the rose.

  3. So sweet... what a way to wake on Valentine's Day. Beautifully written.

  4. Nicccccccce. Perfect Valentine combo or eroticism and romance. All the sweeter for being between to hot married lovers. Beautiful work, Naomi.

  5. Lovely, romantic and sexy, loved it!

  6. What a wonderful way to wake up!!! HOT!!!

  7. That was a beautiful piece! I enjoy it when an author can make me jealous of the characters!


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