Friday, 8 February 2013

Flash Fiction Friday - 8 February: Don't Get Hurt

It's Friday, so that means time for a flash. Flash fiction of course. A given picture and one hundred words only, no more, no less for a group of Awesome Writers to get inspired by it. Each deserves a read and comment so please show some love.

This week mine is called Don't Get Hurt. Enjoy

Royalty Free Picture

Josie could hardly see her own hand in front of her face as she took small stumbling steps in the darkness. She tripped and almost fell over a sheet of some kind and immediately bent down, gathering up the offending article and slinging it over her shoulder.

Something sharp grazed her. She screamed, as blood trickled down her. Feeling around she snatched up a bladed object and brandished it wildly trying to clear her way of obstructions.

A door creaked open and her husband called, “Come out Josie, before you get hurt. I told you I’d clear the old gardening shed.”


  1. Ha! Love the end. I was wondering where in the world she was and here it was the gardening shed of places. I had to re-read it and I enjoyed it just as much the 2nd time even though I had a different picture in my head. Fabulous, Naomi. :D

  2. Oh, no. Poor dear. Let him get himself all torn up!

  3. Oh hell, he is soooooo 'not' going to get any nookie from her for a long time. Nope, he may have to sleep out in that shed for a few nights. Well done Naomi. Muwah!!@

  4. Great flash Naomi. Wasn't what I expected at all and great take on the image


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