Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Tantalizing Tuesday - 5 February: Questioning

It's Tuesday again and time to be teased. A group of awesome writers tantalize with a two hundred word piece of flash inspired by a self chosen picture. Please show some love by reading and commenting on their wonderful stories. This week mine is called Questioning. Enjoy

The old hall was full of a variety of men, all seemingly with nothing better to do than smoking, drinking, chatting and playing pool.

“Fancy another game Matt?” Someone said. “Double or nothing.”

Matt glanced up at a clock above the bar, “You really fancy losing again?” he retorted. Okay then, just one more game. Rack ‘em up, and I’ll get us a drink.”

Heading on over to the bar he barely noticed the door open and a policewoman walk in. Nor did he notice the gradual hush that spread like a wave across the room and the way some of the men hurriedly dispersed. His thoughts were full of drinks he was about to buy and a bet he was sure of winning on the pool game.

Silence reigned as a voice commanded. “We had a tip off about illegal gambling. You are coming with me for questioning.” Before he could reply, she had pulled his arms back and slammed handcuffs on him.

She threw a blanket over Matt, taking him outside, pushing him into a car and driving off to a building. Once inside removed the blanket and cuffs.

A crowd of friends cheered and started singing ‘Happy Birthday’.


  1. Ah, fabulous! Someone is going to have a nice birthday ;-)

  2. Wow! Great job Naomi! It's so wonderful to have you back!

  3. I'm sorry I said I commented but I did not read your tease til now. What a surprise. I thought sure she had plans for him.

  4. I thought she was going to be a stripper walking in. Loved your surprise even better!


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