Friday, 18 January 2013

Flash Fiction Friday - 18 January: Short Cut

It's Friday and time for another flash. A given picture and one hundred words only to come up with a short story. Please show some love to each of the talented authors taking part. My version this week is called Short Cut. Enjoy

Loose gravel crunched beneath the echoing footsteps of Grace. She hurried along the narrow lane where only a few old dilapidated houses remained from a once highly sought after area. She had stayed out later than anticipated and was taking a short cut home.

Grace shivered. Night was drawing in and she wished she had a coat. An owl hooted and Grace jumped, wondering where the sound came from. Surprised to see a light shining from an upstairs window, Grace looked up. Rooted to the spot goose pimples rose.She tried to scream seeing the horrific silhouetted image of … 


  1. No, what is it!!! Oh, Naomi! :) My mind is whirling. Loved the build up. Fab flash.

  2. Oh, no, you didn't! I need to know who she saw. You can't just leave me hanging like that. Great flash!!

  3. That photo reminds me of the Bates Motel. Perhaps she saw that psycho Norman Bates in the window or his crazy-ass Mum. *Chuckles* You did GREAT Naomi, I love the build-up in only 100 hundred words. I've just for one question, WTH was Grace doing out on a dark night walking alone?

  4. Its amazing what will send chills up your spine at night that won't elicit a response during the day. Wonder what she saw in the window. Nice flash.

  5. Lovely crisp and evocative build-up, but to what? Nice teasing, Naomi.

  6. Excellent flash Naomi. Very creepy and really well written


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