Friday, 1 March 2013

Flash Fiction Friday - 1 March: Unsuitable

Well it's Friday again and time for a flash. A group of Awesome writers with a given picture have one hundred words, no more, no less to write their version of a story inspired by it. So show some love and read the stories. All comments appreciated. This week my flasher is called Unsuitable Enjoy


“How much longer do I have to stand like this?” Valerie flicked her hair back and tilted her head so the man who stood before her became visible to one of her eyes. There was no softness to his stance, no caring in his mood.

“Would you like to repeat what you just said?” He snapped.

She thought for a moment and then replied, “I’m sorry Sir.” Her head dropped down again to her breasts and cleavage, accentuated by her scant black dress and wrists tied tightly together.

“Did I say you could dress like that?”

He picked up his whip.


  1. Mmm very spicy. What was she supposed to wear, I wonder.

  2. Oh dear,he doesn't sound happy!

  3. Oh boy, she's going to get it. Pushing his buttons is not a good idea. I'm intrigued by these two, Naomi. Well done.

  4. Who wouldn't want her to dress like that? Wonder what he had in mind.

  5. I wonder if she did that to taunt and get his feathers ruffled, as her gaze shows she likes to be naughty and probably enjoys the spankings he gives her. :) I want to know more of what happens. :) Great flash!

  6. *WEG* He owns her, she is his sub - therefore she needs to dress in a manner he approves. Especially if she's going to wear something provocative. A punishment is certainly in order if she was planning to go out in that dress without him. Well done Ms. Naomi. Muwah!!@


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