Monday, 11 March 2013

New Release - 11 March: Serviced Volume 1

Today I have great pleasure in welcoming the very lovely and highly talented author Angelica Dawson.
I recently became aware of her latest and felt it was only fair to share this knowledge.
We are proud of the trained forces that protect our country through all situations, but what of the softer side to the brave men.
 Here we have an anthology of stories exploring this subject.

All's fair in love and war, they say. Come find out if it’s true in these ten stories where soldiers prove that their skills in the field are only rivaled by their skills in the bedroom.
These are the stories in the anthology.

For One Night Only by Allie A Burrow
Over A Dead Body by Leona Bushman
Reds, Whites, and Blues by Mickey J. Corrigan
Leave Taking by Angelica Dawson
First Date The Italian Colonel by Jesabelle Jones
Major's Minah by Raven McAllan
Knock Out by Natalia Petrovskii
A Chance At Love by Shelli Rosewarne
Taking Command by Zara Stoneley
Riding Out the Storm by Natalia Petrovskii

Now I just know we will all want to read an excerpt from your story Angelica. What do you say?

Happy to oblige.

A smile spread over my face and I closed the door quietly behind me, setting my duffel on the floor. Unless I missed my guess, Dani was upstairs singing in the bathtub. I had dreamed of her leaping into my arms at the door, but fate had given me a better surprise. I twitched in my pants as I pulled off my boots, thinking about her with each note and splash coming from the bathroom. I padded up the stairs.
“I don’t want, anybody else. When I think about you, I touch myself...”
I bit hard on my knuckles to keep from making a sound. The first muffle was laughter. The second was a groan as I peeked through the crack in the door. Danielle was shaving her legs, careful quick strokes down each long white limb. I sighed and adjusted myself. God, she had beautiful legs. I didn’t want to startle her while she had the blade in her hand.
The whole time she kept on singing with the music. “When I’m feeling down, I want you above me.” Oh, I was going to be above her all right. She was soaping her arms now and I didn’t mind giving her a little scare. I yanked the door open and she screamed, plunging her head under the water.
The Divinyls continued to touch themselves while I chortled and lunged to the tub, sitting on its edge despite the water coming over the side.
Dani's head came up at the sound of my laugh. “Will! You scared the shit out of me! Don’t you ever... You’re home!” She jumped out of the tub to hug me, knocking us both to the tiled floor.
I kept laughing, nearly as wet as she was, holding her as she kissed my face.
“You don’t have to touch yourself anymore, honey,” I told her, still laughing. “I’ll be happy to do it for you.”

Phew! I for one am hooked, as I’m sure many others will be. Pretty please some buy links.

Ha ha yes, that would be helpful.

We're doing a facebook giveaway as well:

Sounds exciting

 ten copies  are up for grabs. The facebook page for the book is: 

Thanks for dropping by honey, I am putting this book on my must read list J


  1. Great post and l enjoyed the excerpt. Had to smile at the Divinyls reference, l love that song too!


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