Friday, 10 May 2013

Flash Fiction Friday - 10 May:Something Unexpected

It's Friday, so that means a good time to flash. Flash Fiction Friday. A given picture and 100 words, no more, no less to get inspired. Please show the flashers some love. This week mine is called  Something Unexpected. Enjoy.


The room was dark, nevertheless Janice immediately recognised the woman facing a far wall. Never however, had she seen her quite like this. Her beautiful slender body with its soft pale flesh was virtually naked, all but for a black thong and black high-heeled shoes. Hair that was usually up in a bun, hung loose, almost reaching the perfectly formed butt cheeks.

Her hands, tied together behind her back by a chain that also tethered her to the spot. She stood obediently, waiting.

Janice’s boss turned to her saying, “I noticed those unnecessary visits to accounts. Here is your bonus.”


  1. Oh my...I'm sure she is swallowing deep now. After being caught. ;-) Hmmm wonder how this will pan out? This is awesome!

  2. *Chuckles* Janice certainly has a nice Boss, either that or Janice is very, very good at his job. How nice of him to gift Janice with her very own little sub from the Accounts department. I wonder what her Boss is going to get Janice for Xmas?


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