Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Tantalizing Tuesday - 7 May: Different

It's Tuesday and time to tantalize. A self chosen picture and 200 words, no more, no less, to bring you a teaser inspired by it. The talented authors do it so well, so please show some love. Comments always appreciated. This week my teaser is called Different. Enjoy

“Come on, you can’t lie there all day,” Tony called impatiently to Ruth. He took hold of his girlfriend’s hands and hauled her up from the grassy bank where she had been sunbathing.

“Hey, careful,” she laughed drawing herself upright and falling against him. “This had better be good, I was quite happy staying here.”

Tony grinned; he put his arms around Ruth, and then gave her a kiss. He held her hand and guided her down to the sandy path that went alongside of the river. “This way.”

He helped her along the winding path around the hill, occasionally pointing out bits of knobbly extended roots from trees that were sticking up and easy to trip over.Before long, a huge roar sounded, and Ruth wondered if they were near a road.Then a massive waterfall came into view and Tony urged Ruth to get closer, helping her over stepping-stones.

 Spray from the waterfall covered them and Ruth giggled. “Where are we going?”

 Ruth shrieked as he pulled her right behind the fall of the water to where he knew about a dry cave.

“Look,” said Tony. “You said you wanted to conceive somewhere different. Let’s make a baby!” 


  1. What a great idea. Never thought to do anything like that when we were trying (she was definitely conceived at home!)

  2. What a fantastic place to take her for conceiving. It would ordinarily be a beautiful piece of writing with him telling her that is where they are going to make love, but you made your tease better with his idea of conception. I wonder what they will call the baby?

  3. How fun! Your story made me smile. :)

  4. Well, that is a romantic scene and a very creative piece of writing. Sex in a cave under a water fall is a marvelous idea. Excellent Ms. Naomi.

  5. Oh! I wish I'd read this sooner! Beautiful piece!


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